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Crow Nest Lane, 'T Quality' Ltd.

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Crow Nest Lane,
March, 2012. Image shows the company, 'T-Quality Ltd.', suppliers of fish and chip shops, wholesalers, pizza outlets and fast food takeaways. The firm is situated in Crow Nest Lane just above Preston Harrison Ltd. (Roofing Contractors) on the right-hand side, near the bottom of the hill. The brick frontage is that of the original building, which before, during and after World War 2, was known as 'The Dripping Works', then the business of P. Webster, Ltd., manufacturers of dripping. Windmill Hill can be seen in the background, right. Image courtesy of Mr. Graham Schofield.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

DRIPPING WORKS – Crow Nest Lane I remember, that well into the late 1950's, (and perhaps even later), there were two companies on Crow Nest Lane, who were in the business of processing offal and other related parts of slaughtered livestock. One was “THE ENGLISH & CONTINENTAL CASING COMPANY” which was situated at the very bottom of the hill. The second one was PERCY WEBSTER's who occupied the premises shown here. As far as I know, their main 'raisin d'être' was the manufacture of 'Dripping', although they no doubt produced other animal products. Perhaps someone can enlighten us. Before I submitted this picture, I had to be sure that this actually was the building where 'dripping' had been produced, and that they had operated under the name 'Webster', as I was not sure on either of these points. Evidence was provided, firstly by the people at Preston Harrison Ltd., who are roofing contractors situated basically next door, a little further down the lane. Later, more detailed information was provided by the management at “T-QUALITY” the present incumbents of the building shown in the picture.They provided me with a pocket history, from the knowledge of which, I can say that:- Back in the post-war years the company was that of “PERCY WEBSTER - - - Dripping Manufacturers”. They later merged with dripping manufacturers “CRAVEN-CALVERT” and became known as “WEBSTER-CRAVEN”. This name held until the company was renamed as “WEBSTER SUPPLIES” who at a later date merged with a company called, ARNOLD GRIMSHAW LTD., to become “GRIMSHAW-WEBSTER”. However, all these names dissolved into history when the company became, “SOVEREIGN SERVICE”. But even that name disappeared when somewhere about 1998 the company name was changed to that by which it is known today - “T-QUALITY”. Even this company became a subsidiary of P.D.M. (Prosper De Mulder) in July 2000, but the name still stands, as can be seen in the picture. For all the many changes of company names, it is heartening to see that the company itself is still in the business of supplying products to Fish & Chip Shops and Fast-Food Outlets. They supply fats, oils etc. as well as quality fish to outlets all over the country. So, Percy Webster can 'rest easy' in the knowledge that his factory premises are still in the same business.




Janet Ellison

I remember Mr and Mrs Webster and their two daughters. They lived on the premises. I sometimes used to play with them. They lived there until the early 60s I think.




Janet Toy (was Hornsby)

I also remember the Websters and went for tea a few times after school late 50s, early 60's. Can anyone remember the Webster girls' names?




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