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Roland Bradbury, President of the Pork Butchers' Association (Leeds)

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Roland Bradbury, President of the Pork Butchers
Undated. Portrait of Roland Bradbury wearing his chains of office in his role as President of the Pork Butchers' Associaton (Leeds). He was the founder of the very successful chain of pork butcher's shops in Leeds known as J. Bradbury & Sons Ltd. The name of the firm is misleading as although Roland's father, Joseph, brought in his butchering skills (he had previously been working for Wainwright's Pork Butchers, later bought out by Bradbury's) it was essentially Roland who got the business off the ground. His two brothers, Frank and William, joined later. Roland served in the Royal Navy during the First World War and used his demob gratuity to finance the business. In 1919 he was able to purchase his first shop at number 241 Dewsbury Road. The success of the company grew and over the years more and more branches were opened. The Kelly's 1947 Directory for Leeds lists the first shop in Dewsbury Road still in operation, as well as many others throughout Leeds including Great George Street, Tong Road, Hyde Park Corner, Vicar Lane, Meanwood Road, Harehills Road, North Lane, Roundhay Road, Darfield Place, Balm Road, Stanningley Road, Bramley, Town Street, Stanningley and Middleton Park Circus. The factory was based at number 1 Flaxton View, Leeds 11 and there was a farm at Yeadon. Eventually, there were 21 shops. In 1947 Roland Bradbury is listed in the Directory as living at 'Colette', number 4 Otley Road, Bramhope. J. Bradbury & Sons Ltd. was eventually acquired by Farm Stores, part of the Associated Dairies Group (what was to become Asda/Walmart) and grew to shares worth £38 million. Bradbury's were well-known by Leeds people for the quality of their pork products which included their own pork pies, savoury squares or 'penny ducks', brawn and black pudding. These tasty, economical types of products were especially popular in the 1920s and 30s when families were finding it hard to make ends meet.

User Comments:

Richard Bradbury

Roland and Jane were loving and generous grandparents to us. Jane ruled the roost very firmly! Very many happy memories. Grand-dad does look smart although he'd probably be happier smoking a Woodbine (or several) and reading a 'cowboy' book! On retirement, they followed his daughter, Muriel, and family to Cornwall but glad to see Roland now with a presence in the City they loved.




Betty Cre

Every Friday my father collected his staff wages from the Education offices in Great George Street, called in to Lewis' for a cup of tea with all the other school caretakers (wages still in envelopes in carrier bags) and then bought roast pork sandwiches with mucky dripping back for dinner as a treat with an extra sprinkle of salt.


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