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Pottery Vale, Leek Street Flats (Hunslet Grange)

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Pottery Vale, Leek Street Flats (Hunslet Grange)
c1983. View shows Pottery Vale, part of the Hunslet Grange development, also known as Leek Street Flats. The 2,500 flats built in 1968 were arranged in blocks of six or seven storeys, with overhead walkways connecting the blocks. The exteriors were covered in pale grey pebbledashed concrete. Initially the flats were popular but soon problems with damp and condensation began to develop and the heating systems proved inadequate, so that by the 1980s tenants were calling for the flats to be demolished; this duly happened in 1983, shortly after the photo was taken.

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i lived on larchfield dene as a kid but the whole estate was a playground for us kids


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