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c1930. Image shows a 1930s jazz band called 'The Blue Aces', photographed on the stage of an unknown Leeds venue. These very young men, some perhaps still in their teens, are smartly attired in formal black tie and are pictured with their respective instruments. The backdrop is a painted scene depicting a stone terrace overlooking a lake with a view to a Classical style folly on a hilltop. Flower-filled Grecian urns, climbing plants and a statue of Pan decorate the terrace. We know that the young man seated at the piano, in the background right, is Ernest Brook (born in 1916) of number 4 Dobson Grove, off Dewsbury Road. His father, Squire Brook, worked as a tailors' cutter. Any other information regarding the young musicians, or the venue, is welcomed. The photograph was taken by Rembrandt Cinema Studios, Leeds, of number 23A The Balcony, Queen's Arcade. The firm went into liquidation in 1931 (as reported in The London Gazette). It re-emerged wih a slight change of name; Rembrandt Cinema Studios (1931) Ltd. The photograph may pre-date this event.

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My 80 year old mother took one look at this picture and said Lady Pit Lane Working Mans Club her mothers first husband played there


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Graham A. Schofield

The description here, speculates on the date of this image being sometime circa 1930's. What confirms that for me, is that along with the musicians wearing the regulation 'Roll Collar Tuxedo' and black dickey bow-tie, they all appear to be wearing a stiff white 'false shirt front' (dickey), along with a starched wing collar. 'Dickey's' were par for the course, right up to the start of W.W.2, and also through the war, for many major dance-bands. Note the absence of shirt buttons. However, the post-war years saw much cultural change, and the demand for much more freedom, in all walks of life. I was playing in a strict tempo dance band in the mid-1950's, and even though it was a much larger band than this one, the dress code was slightly more relaxed, but we all still had to wear a dark coloured tuxedo, or what passed for same, over a white shirt and black bow-tie. The 'dickey', it seemed was no longer 'de rigeur'. Perhaps some of the famous and well established and bands in London may have been carrying on the tradition; I don't know. Sarah, if you happen to look at this image again, please could you ask your mother, as to what prompted her to say that this is Lady Pit Lane W.M.C.? I ask this because, if this image is of the 1930's, then she will not have known this band, or the particular line-up, shown here, since she wasn't born until 1935 (approx.) Could it be that it's the stage's background mural which is strong in her memory? Could there have been a band with the same name with the same name playing there, after the war?




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