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Can You Help ? (Poultry Shop)

Can You Help ?  (Poultry Shop)
Undated. Image shows staff posing outside a shop displaying poultry for sale, and selling Cambridge-made Palethorpes sausages. The premises are next to those of J. Nicholson, wine merchant. It is possible that this is the same premises shown in Leodis image 2017118_176350, but any information on the name or location of the shop would be appreciated.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

I would say that the assumption in the description, that the shop shown here, and that of the one shown in picture number, 2017118_176350, are of the same premises, is 100% correct. The evidence for this comes from the shop next door (stage-right), which is that of, J. Nicholson, wine merchant. If you put the two pictures side by side, it become immediately obvious that there are seemingly, some similarities. However, the clincher is to be found in two items of script:- (i) - If you enlarge both images, it is possible to determine that the engraved scrolling on the window is identical in both cases. (ii) - At the top of the window as in 2017118_176350, the upper-case lettering - - - SON can be clearly seen. I think that it will be safe to assume that the preceding lettering will be, J. NICHOL . . . Obviously the shop as it is seen here, proclaims a much larger turnover than that seen to be in the other of the two pictures. Whether they have blocked off the side door, or just masked the entrance with poultry, is open to debate. A closer look shows us that there are what appear to be shields displaying some form of Heraldry. There is one at each end of the top row of poultry. The one on the left being of 'Crossed Axes', but I can't begin to speculate as to what the one on the right is describing. There is another shield in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture, displaying a 'Lion Rampant'. I wonder why these shields were there? It does seem rather odd, to display such items on the outside of a poultry shop. Above the top row of hanging birds, there is a large square board displaying rather ornate script. The bottom line appears to read, DECEMBER 1905. The word above is, LEEDS, and above that to the right is a word that seems to read POULTRY. The word preceding it, is rather blurred. Could it read, - - - BRITISH?. As to what the lettering above that says, I have no idea. As can be seen, the board is in a rather prominent place. Could it be that this business had won an award of some sort, and was proudly proclaiming that fact? Perhaps someone with excellent image enhancing skills might be able to make more sense of it, along with what is written over the shop doorway.




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