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Title: 'The Ticket-Of-Leave Man!', 'The Guiseley Brass Band', 'The Streets of London!'
ID: 20031016_31792849
Theatre Miscellaneous
Year: 1868
Description: Friday, 3rd April & Saturday, 4th April, 1868.
Friday night's performance at the Theatre, Yeadon, will commence with the '...far-famed moral drama' entitled, 'The Ticket-Of-Leave Man!'. On Saturday evening a '...great monstre night!!', the Guiseley Brass Band will attend and play several favourite selections under the leadership of Mr. Elizah Booth. The performances will commence with '...the great drama' entitled, 'The Streets of London!'. The audience will have the opportunity to see the 'grand effect of the Great Fire of London!'.
Both evenings will conclude with a favourite recitation by Miss Susan Montague, a Ballad performed by Mr. J.W. Wilson and a comic song performed by Mr. W.H. Walters.
Actors include: Mr. Montague, Mr. Stanley, C. Rourke, W. Wilson, Dillon, T.C. Livesey, W.H. Walters, Miss Montague, Mrs. Montague, Mrs. Rourke

  'The Ticket-Of-Leave Man!', 'The Guiseley Brass Band', 'The Streets of London!'
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