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Title: 'Grand Astronomical Display!', 'Wonders of the Minute Creation' (or, 'Architecture of the Insect World')
ID: 2003106_42325991
Theatre Music Hall
Year: 1855
Description: Wednesday, 21st November, 1855.
Part 1 of the show taking place at the Music Hall on the above date and introduced by J.L.Crowther, takes the form af an '...introductory lecture, illustrations will open with a splendid diagram, or 'Grand Moving Planatarium' (or, 'correct representation of the solar system, showing the revolutions of the planets, with their satellites round the sun'. At the end of this piece there will be a short interval of a few minutes. In the second part of the evening, '...the astronomical diagrams will be succeeded by an extraordinary but very interesting display of microscopic wonders, as illustrated by the Oxy-hydrogen Gas Microscope, which magnifies upwards of several million times'.
The whole evening concludes with '...an astonishing display of the oxy-hydrogen gas or sun light - as seen to equal the light of 1000 candles with melting of steel.
Artistes include: Mr. J.L. Crowther

  'Grand Astronomical Display!', 'Wonders of the Minute Creation' (or, 'Architecture of the Insect World')
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