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Title: Mr. Tomkinson, Franconi's Celebrated Equestrian Clown
ID: 2003107_6287783
Theatre Circus Bills
Year: 0
Description: Monday, 23rd February (undated year).
This evening will be for the Benefit of Mr. Tomkinson, Franconi's Celebrated Equestrian Clown. A variety of Acts/Artistes will be featured during this show The first part of the show includes: a '...splendid French manoeuvre' called, 'Les Mousquetaires De La Reine' executed by Four Ladies and Four Gentlemen; M. Philippe will introduce his 'highly trained' Steed, 'Jupiter'; Mr. Charles Cariot will appear as 'The Juggler of Pekin' and also, Mr. Tomkinson will play several favourite Airs on a half-penny Trumpet and Violin.
In the second part of the show, there will be 'gymnastic vaulting' executed by the principal artistes of the Troupe; Mademoiselle Fanny will perform an admired Act called, 'Le Manteau Espagnoe' and also, there will be a 'Mock Prize Fight' between Messrs. Tomkinson and Wheal.
Finally, Mr. Tomkinson intends to give away a 'live fat pig'.
There is also a special notice on the Playbill, stating that '...Mr. T. will present portraits of himself in several different characters, to each of the first six in the boxes, to each of the first six in the pit and to each of the first six in the gallery'.
The show will commence at 7.30 precisely.
Artistes include: Mr. Tomkinson, Mr. Charles Cariot, Mr. Philippe, Mademoiselle Fanny

  Mr. Tomkinson, Franconi's Celebrated Equestrian Clown
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