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Title: 'Pablo Fanque's Royal Circus!
ID: 2003108_35369509
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Year: 0
Description: Friady & Saturday, 24th & 25th March, (undated year).
This Pablo Fanque Circus Playbill describes the events for the above dates as '...grand combination of Equestrian and Gymnastic Novelties!'.
The evening is separated into two halves. The entertainment commences with an 'Equestrian Manoeuvre, by eight ladies and eight Gentlemen on their Beautiful Steeds, entitled, 'The Garland Entree!'. Also featured during the first half of performances is the '...Lilliputian Wonder, General Tom Thumb, [who] will appear in his Great Act of Equitation, riding, driving and managing, one, two and three horses at one time in the character of, The Courier of St. Petersburg.
The second part of the evening commences with Mr. John Clarke performing his '...great feats of juggling on horseback as, 'Asmodeus' (or, 'The Devil on Two Sticks'). This will be succedeed by Mr. Pablo Fanque appearing with his '...celebrated Arabian Steed of the Manege, the Mare, 'Beda'.
Finally, the whole evening concludes with a '...laughable Ballet D'Action' entitled, 'The Three Sensibles!'.
Performances of the show will commence at 7.30pm precisely.
Artistes include: Master F. Clarke, Mr. Pablo Fanque, Mr. John Clarke, Madame Josephine, Miss Smith, Mons. Schmidt

  'Pablo Fanque's Royal Circus!
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