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Title: 'The Royal Circus Company'
ID: 2003108_9771365
Theatre Circus Bills
Year: 0
Description: Boxing Day, 26th December, (undated year).
The Royal Circus Company '...will comprise Lady and Gentlemen Equestrian Artistes, Gymansts, Acrobats, Equilibrists and Specialities, selected from all the leading Equestrian Establishments of Europe and America'. Featured during this show will be Sanger's Clowns and Grotesques, '...the funniest in the world' and Sanger's, '...stud of educated horses and ponies - 100 in number, amongst which are several well-known English Thorough-bred horses and other horses unequalled for symmetry and high training'.
The Menagerie Department will comprise, '...some of the finest zoological specimens ever seen in this country, [including] Sanger's trained herd of elephants and Sanger's group of performing Forest-Bred Lions'.
The Playbill descibes the entertainment as, '...moral, instructive and amusing'.
Performances will take place daily at 2.30pm and at 7.30pm.
Artistes include: John Sanger & Sons.

  'The Royal Circus Company'
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