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Title: Daring Equestrians at Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal
ID: 2003318_34867495
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Year: 0
Description: Undated.
Tuesday evening 16th May.
'If you can admire the most beautiful specimens of Horsemanship-rope dancing-flying men-highly trained steeds-gymnastic heroes-you will go to Pablo's Circus...'
'The performance will commence with a Grand Military Act of Horsemanship, by Master Clarke, changing to 'Bacchus the God of Wine'. Mr Hulse will introduce the magnificent and highly trained Steed, surnamed from his beauty and wonderful exercises, 'The Diamond of the Desert', the training of this noble animal will present a new era in the school of Menage. The grace and pleasing exercises cannot be described but must be admired when witnessed'.
'Mademoiselle Sylvio Zephora Furr, the fearless Equestrienne, in a daring Act of Horsemanship as 'The Little Wonder!!' or 'Fairy Queen'. This is continued by Master George Clarke, who will execute the surprising feat, entitled, 'The Globe Acension'.
'Master General Tom Thumb will appear in one of his principal 'Acts of Equestrianism'.
'First and only time here, Mr. John Wells will personate, on a swift courser, his admired act as 'Paul Pry! Broom Girl!Harry Broom! Champion of England and conclude with the rapid flight of Rob Roy!'
'That most graceful and highly talented artiste, Signor Christoff, will go through the whole of his accomplishments and display his ability on the 'Cord of Tension!'. Miss Annie Mosley, the Equestrian Cerito, in her Great Act D'Equitation, entitled the 'Flight thro' Balloons'.
'Mr Cook will next execute his surprising performance, entitled 'La Trance Hispaniola!', followed by Mr. J. Clarke in his wonderful act of Horsemanship as 'The Wizard Rider'. Miss Emily Jane Wells, who stands unequalled as a female artiste will appear in a pleasing Act of Horsemanship, in 'Full Bloomer Costume!!', during which she will leap Garlands, Broad Canvasses, Ride Backwards and perform feats unparalled.
'The whole will conclude with a laughable sketch of 'Button, Versus Gallopwell''.
Actors include: Master Clark, Mr. Hulse, Mademoisell Sylvio Zephora Furr, Master George Clark, General Tom Thumb, Mr. John Wells, Signor Christoff, Miss Annie Mosley, Mr. Cook, Mr. J. Clarke, Miss Emily Jane Wells, Pablo Fanque

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  Daring Equestrians at Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal
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