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Title: Horsemanship, Gymnastic Exploits and Grand Ballet at Fossett's Grand Circus
ID: 2003318_32023257
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Year: 0
Description: Undated.
'...Now in its 35th tour with a Grand Co. of Lady Equestriennes, tight-rope dancers, slack wire walkers, amazing gymnasts, astounding acrobats, suprising athletes, daring bare-back riders, wonderful contortionists, globe runners!'.
'Mr. R. Fossett [will] appear in his 'Great Jockey Act', for which he has been presented 6 Gold Medals and 9 Silver Cups and acknowledged by the Press and Public to be the Champion Horesman of the World.
'Miss Beatrice, the beautiful child rider, specially engaged from London, where she has long held sway as the Empress of all Equestriennes. Her style is graceful, her leaps are the height of daring, and her incomparable achievement of leaping through numerous balloons, is pronounced by all who have seen her to be the Acme of Equestrian Skill'.
'Mrs. R. Fossett, the most brilliant and graceful equestrienne in England'.
'Miss Caroline in her great trick act'. 'Miss Adelaide the great scene act rider'. 'First appearence in this country, and engaged at great expense, of Monsieur D'Almer, the eight wonder of the world! Boneless Man and nondescript serpent'.
'Mons. Yielding, the well known famous athlete'. 'Madame Lupriol', the only female Jester in England, Mr. J. Fossett, in his feats of juggling on horseback'. 'Madame Yielding in her astounding feats on the tight rope'. 'Mite and Dot, juevenile champion gymansts on the double trapeze. Mr. Harry Fossett, the great historic scene act rider.
Actors include: Mr. R. Fossett, Miss Beatrice, Mrs R. Fossett, Miss Caroline, Miss Adelaide, Monsieur D'Almer, Monsieur Yielding, Mr. J. Fossett, Madame Yielding, Mite and Dot, Mr. Harry Fossett

  Horsemanship, Gymnastic Exploits and Grand Ballet at Fossett's Grand Circus
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