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Title: Magda, The Second Mrs Tanqueray, Hedda Gabler
ID: 2003226_6795901
Theatre The Grand
Year: 1907
Description: 'Mrs Patrick Campbell supported by Miss Stella Patrick Campbell and complete West End Company'.
Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, 12th, 13th and 17th, August, 1907, performance of 'Magda'.
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday matinee, 14th, 15th and 17th, August, performance of 'The Second Mrs Tanqueray'.
Friday, 16th August, performance of 'Hedda Gabler'.
Actors include: Mr. Charles Garry, Mrs Patrick Campbell, Miss Stella Patrick Campbell, Miss Ivy Hertzog, Miss Margaret Watson, Mr. E.H. Kelly, Mr. Jian Roycuer, Mr. Alfred Goddard, Miss Catherine Dupont, Miss Doris Digby, Miss Blanche Wilmot, Miss Helen Boucher, Mr. James Gelderd, Mr. Aidan Lovett, Mr. Montagu Wigan,

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  Magda, The Second Mrs Tanqueray, Hedda Gabler
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