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Title: Charburn's Young Stars
ID: 2003410_36050051
Theatre City Varieties
Year: 1914
Description: 2nd November 1914,
Playbill for a variety of acts commencing with 'Charburn's Young Stars in their pretty and refined vocal and dancing scena entitled 'A Picnic up the River'. The billing continues with 'Bill Curzon', 'the great dame comedian' and 'Jaskoe', 'the most daring hand and foot balancer in the world.' 'Ethel Stephenson'; 'Blind Man's Buff', a 'dramatic film' and 'Happy Dustmen Play Golf', a 'comic film' are also to be presented. 'Bosanquet' is the penultimate act 'in a novel and extrordinary act with startling effects and sensational surprises.' 'Hughes, Hughes & Harlem' complete the evening's entertainment 'in American songs, dances and impressions.' The show will be presented twice nightly with a daytime performance on Wednesday.
The Performers include Ethel Stephenson, Bill Curzon and 'Jaskoe'.

  Charburn's Young Stars
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