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Title: 'Deaf and Dumb' (or, 'The Orphan Protected'), 'OBI' (or, 'Three Finger'd Jack')
ID: 2003515_97346133
Theatre The Theatre
Year: 1801
Description: Monday, 29th June, 1801.
'...For the Benefit of Mr. Wilkinson'.
The evening begins with a performance by 'Their Majesties Servants' of 'the last new historical drama' called, 'Deaf and Dumb' (or, 'The Orphan Protected'). This will be followed by an 'entire new entertainment' called, 'OBI' (or, 'Three Finger'd Jack').
'...[This] historical drama is founded upon a matter of fact which occured (A.D. 1780) in the island of Jamaica'.
Actors include: Miss De Camp, Mr. Williams, Mr. Wrench, Mr. Denman, Mr. Cummins, Mr. Melvin, Mr. Mathews, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Hope, Mr. C. Cummins, Mrs. Ward, Miss Jackson, Mrs. Leng, Miss Errington

  'Deaf and Dumb' (or, 'The Orphan Protected'), 'OBI' (or, 'Three Finger'd Jack')
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