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Title: 'Faust', 'The Swiss Cottage!', 'Il Trovatore', 'Prince Amabel!'
ID: 2003710_18503970
Theatre Amphitheatre
Year: 1866
Description: Wednesday and Thursday, 24th and 25th October, 1866.
On Wednesday, the evening's entertainment commences with a performance of 'Faust' and, to 'give effect to the Soldiers' Chorus' there will be a 'Grand Military Band'. The evening concludes with a performance of 'The Swiss Cottage!'. On Thursday, the performances begin with Verdi's renowned 'Tragic Opera' entitled, 'Il Trovatore'. The evening concludes with 'Prince Amabel!'.
Actors include: Mr. W. Parkinson, Mr. E. Connell, Mr. H. Lewens, Mr. Edmund Rosenthal, Miss A. Allessandri, Miss Granville, Madame Florence Lancia, Miss Bronti

  'Faust', 'The Swiss Cottage!', 'Il Trovatore', 'Prince Amabel!'
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