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Title: 'Wakes Week'
ID: 2003728_79096622
Theatre Hippodrome
Year: 1912
Description: Monday, 28th October 1912.
Throughout this week at the Hippodrome there will be a main production of, 'Wakes Week' presented by Fred Karno and Company.
Other Artistes featured on the Playbill include: Nellie Bly,'...Comedienne and Dancer'; Rag & Tag, '...Comedy acrobats'; Florence and Rose Showell, '...the popular duettists'; Fitz-Allen, '...the novelty comedian'; Charles Heyn and Co., '...the world famous Cornet and Xylophone Quartette'; Moran and Tingley, '...American upside down dancers' and finally, 'The Glockers', '...America's most sensational novelty'.
Performances will be twice nightly, at 6.50pm and at 9.00pm, although on Mondays and Saturdays and during the holidays, the early performance will commence at 6.40pm.
Next week at the Hippodrome will be 'Fregolia'.
Artistes include: Tom Nelson, Nellie Bly, Florence and Rose Showell, Fitz-Allen, Chas, Heyn, Moran and Tingley, The Glockers

  'Wakes Week'
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