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Title: 'Jack and Evelyn', 'Fregolia'
ID: 2003731_54905337
Theatre Hippodrome
Year: 1914
Description: Easter Monday, 13th April, 1914.
On this week's Hippodrome Playbill, 'Jack and Evelyn' will present their latest Vaudeville Revue. Also, 'Fregolia', will depict over 20 characters and over 100 quick changes. '...At the conclusion of her performance, Fregolia takes a series of quick curtain calls, each curtain call necessitating a complete change of clothing, stockings included'.
Other Acts/Artistes appearing on the Playbill include: Randolph Sutton, 'light comedian'; Rose Wylie, '...a daily vocal comedienne and dancer'; Carbrey Boys, '...international dancers'; Parkes and Price, 'instrumentalists'; Linga-Singh, '...the mysterious Hindoo Sorcerer who will present a bweildering series of the fabled miracles of the Eastern World, never previously witnessed on the British Stage'. Also, 'Hippodrome Pictures' will be shown on the Bioscope.
There will be two performances every evening, commencing at 6.50pm and at 9.00pm, although on Mondays, Saturdays and during the Holidays, the early performance will start at 6.40pm. There will also be a matinee performance on Wednesday at 2.30pm.
Actors/Artistes include; Jack and Evelyn, Fregolia, Randolph Sutton, Rose Wylie, Carbrey Boys, Parkes and Price, Linga-Singh

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  'Jack and Evelyn', 'Fregolia'
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