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Title: ' A Box of Toys', 'Thacken Dhu' (or, 'The Wild Mountain Boys'), 'The Biter's Bit!', 'The Fox and The Wolf!', 'Cartouche'
ID: 2003910_87397403
Theatre Princess Theatre
Year: 1863
Description: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 9th, 10th and 11th April, 1863.
On Thursday and Friday, the evening will begin with a new protean entertainment called, 'A Box of Toys'. This will be followed by, (and will also commence Saturday's performance), the Irish Drama called, 'Thacken Dhu' (or, The Wild Mountain Boys'). The performances on Thursday will conclude with the '...laughable farce' of, 'The Biter's Bit'. The entertainment on Friday will conclude with the '...laughable farce' of, 'The Fox and The Wolf!'. Saturday's performance will conclude with the '...great drama' called, 'Cartouche, the French Robber'.
Actors include: Mr. George Owen, Mr. Richardson, Mr. H. Wadforth, Mr. Rudge, Mr. George Clair, Mr. Boardman, Mr. Harroway, Mr. E. Bayle Henry, Miss Jenny Fisher, Mrs. Burracliffe, Miss Thomas,

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  ' A Box of Toys', 'Thacken Dhu' (or, 'The Wild Mountain Boys'), 'The Biter's Bit!', 'The Fox and The Wolf!', 'Cartouche'
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