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Location - Leeds & District

Grove Lane (Meanwood)
Black & White imagec1925. Panoramic view of the construction of Grove Lane, continuation to Meanwood Road. View from Batty Wood housing estate (post 1919) in background. Photograph by F Beckwith.
[internal reference; 9082:LIC Grove (3) (browsing neg no 444)]
Meanwood Beck, footbridge near Switchgear (Meanwood) (1 comment)
Black & White image12th October 1936. Situated to the rear of Yorkshire the bridge was part of a patch from Meanwood Road through to Woodhouse Ridge. It was a part of the park known as Batty's Wood an area of oak woodland. Thought to be the site of the Battle of Meanwood Valley in 1643, Parliamentarian forces defeated a troop of Royalists as they were moving through to attack Leeds from the East.
[internal reference; 2002815_78440494:C LIW Mean (9)]
Meanwood Beck, footbridge to the rear of Switchgear (Meanwood) (2 comments)
Black & White image7th March 1940. View to rear of Yorkshire Switchgear and Engineering Co Ltd. Footbridge over Meanwood Beck, this area of Woodhouse Ridge was Oak Woodland, Batty's Wood. Musket shot, throught to have been spent during a civil war skirmish in 1643, has been found in the area.
[internal reference; 2002815_50350589:C LIW MEAN (8)]