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Briggate, view of the west side & entrance to Rose & Crown Yard (City Centre)
Black & White image1888. View of the west side of Briggate showing numbers 72 to 74. The entrance to the Rose and Crown yard can be seen on the right. This became the site of the Queen's Arcade, c1889, designed by Edward Clark of London. At number 72 is Ellen Barrows, boot & shoe dealer and, at number 73, J. & J.B. Bilbrough, chemist, druggist & oil & colour merchants. Advertising for Oakey's glass paper and emery cloths are visible in the small-paned windows of the chemist's. Glass apothecary bottles can also be seen. Number 74 is the Trimming Warehouse run by John W. Foster, Fancy Draper. Sets of buttons on cards are displayed. Through the arch into Rose & Crown Yard is the Rose and Crown public house (prop. J Binks - it was also referred to as Bink's Hotel). Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 7971:LIC Briggate 8 35 (browsing neg no 31) & Old Leeds Views, Part 2, no. 18 SRF 914.2819 WOR (Also in Old Leeds Views, Part 1, Page 12, SRF 914.2819 WOR)]
Kirkgate, former Old Crown Inn (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White imagec1907. View shows the south side of Kirkgate, from Old Crown Yard to Wharf Street, with the former old Crown Inn, used as shop premises for Mr Smith, medical botanist, and Tolson's noted tripe shop. A notice above the doors says that the property was used by the Ancient Order of Foresters (Friendly Society) and was the birthplace of "Forestry", with "Court No. 1 established here in 1790". The Ancient Order of Foresters was actually founded in Rochdale in 1834, but its origins were in a much earlier society, The Royal Foresters, formed in the 18th century, who would have been the ones who met in this building in 1790. The Property was demolished in 1935. Photograph by Alf Mattison.
[internal reference; 8631:LIC Kirkgate (3) (browsing neg no 237)]
Old Crown Hotel (City Centre)
Black & White image3rd June 1932 Old Crown Hotel, Old Crown Yard, Kirkgate. Photo shows brick building in narrow alley way looking out towards Kirkgate. There is a gate at end of passage.
[internal reference; 2002318_8892458:C LIC Kirk (14)]
Old Crown Yard (City Centre)
Black & White image12th December 1930. Old Crown Yard proposed new road. The Calls to Kirkgate showing industrial buildings and house.
[internal reference; 399:CLIC Kirk 4]
Old Crown Yard (City Centre)
Black & White image12th December 1930. Old Crown Yard. A proposed new road. The Calls to Kirkgate. Houses and non-residential buildings and a ginnel.
[internal reference; 401:CLIC Kirk 5]