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A postcard of Briggate (Main Street) (Garforth)
Black & White imageearly 20th century. This view was taken of Briggate in the early twentieth century and became a postcard. On the right is Colliery Row and beyond is Eagle House. Most of the street was still dwellings houses, and the lack of traffic allowed the children to stop and look in the middle of the road.
[internal reference; 201025_170225:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY M26]
Armistice Day, 1918 (Garforth)
Black & White image1918. Children and adults celebrate Armistice Day. The photo, taken near the Welfare Hall, clearly shows the Eagle House on the right hand side. The house is one of the oldest buildings that remains in Garforth.
[internal reference; 201028_170233:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY M19]
Main Street (Garforth)
Black & White image1910. Looking towards Town End, the view shows that on the extreme right Colliery Row, which is now the site of a parade of shops. Far right in the background is Eagle House and at the time there was no welfare hall. The house dwellings were mainly domestic, and indeed the houses on the right remained until 1950.
[internal reference; 201025_170226:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY M24]
Main Street (Garforth)
Black & White image1900. This photo was taken at the turn of the century, looking north towards Town End. Far right of the photo, just visible, is Eagle House. In the photo there is no Miners Welfare Hall and the street is mostly house dwellings. The early view of Main Street, formally Briggate, shows an almost empty street. In some of the houses there would have been shops in the front rooms. With the absence of vehicles, this allows the horse and trap to occupy the middle of the road.
[internal reference; 201028_170235:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY M21]