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Location - Leeds & District

East Parade (City Centre)
Black & White image29th July 1937. Looking along the Parade towads the Central Library there are several Assurance offices including, from top to bottom. The Pearl Assurance Building, The Alliance offices, and the building in the forerground is the Gaurdian Assurance head office. There are pedestrians walking along the pavement and cars parked at the kerb.
[internal reference; 10034:CLIC East 12]
East Parade (City Centre)
Black & White image5th August 1937. Looking towards the Central Library at the top of East Parade we see the Pearl Assurance Building on the right. Nearer the camera is the Alliance and the Guardian assurance offices.Cars are parked at both kerbs and there is a window cleaners barrow on the left.
[internal reference; 10040:CLIC East 10]
Guardian Assurance Group building, East Parade, Infirmary Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageJune 1967 View shows the Guardian Assurance Group Building which was the headquarters of Williams Deacon still trading under its own name until the 1980s. It stands at the junction of East Parade, to the left, and Infirmary Street and was built in 1966. The building, owned by Roando Holdings Ltd., was refurbished both externally and internally in the 1990s and is now known as Minerva House. Among other businesses it houses the offices of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
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