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Aerial View, The Headrow (City Centre)
Colour image1999 View looks from the top of the Town Hall onto The Headrow which runs through the centre of the photograph. In the bottom left corner is the roof of the Municipal Buildings with the Radisson SAS Hotel behind. Christmas lights hang above The Headrow. On the right West Riding House rides above the neighbouring buildings.
[internal reference; 2003109_91856021:Millennium album 36]
Aerial View, The Headrow, Quarry Hill (City Centre)
Black & White image1938 View looks in an easterly direction along The Headrow towards Quarry Hill flats where the main entrance block of Oastler House is under construction. To the right of the flats is New York Road with Eastgate roundabout directly in front. Eastgate runs down the centre of the view before becoming The Headrow after the junction with Vicar Lane. The Headrow then continues towards the bottom right corner passing the newly completed Lewis's department store and the Leeds Permanent Building Society with the Municipal Buildings and the Town Hall below. The Civic Hall and Leeds General Infirmary are in the bottom left hand corner of the photograph. Part of the River Aire is just visible in the top right corner.
[internal reference; 20031112_44260806:N LIB Headrow 14]
Aerial View, West (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated, View showing the roof tops of East Parade and surrounding streets. The rectangular building in thecentre is St Paul's House (1878) built by St John Barren a clothing manufacturer and Leeds MP. On the right is The Headrow and Victoria Gardens with the Oxford Place Centre (Methodist Chapel) 1835 but refaced in 1896-1903. The large building behind houses the Leeds Corporation collection Office, the Gas Meter Inspectors Department the Leeds Rating Authority and the Leeds Corporation Electrical Department.
[internal reference; 2003718_76661319:Leo 39, no. 7]
Albion Street (City Centre)
Colour image4th October 1999. View looking up Albion Street across the junction with the Headrow . Photo taken from the roof of the NCP Car Park. Shops visible are Dolland & Aitchison opticians and Waterstones book store.
[internal reference; 2002226_98409671:MIL 31/10]
Albion Street (City Centre)
Colour image4th October 1999. View looking up Albion Street towards the Headrow. Berry's Jewellers is on the right.
[internal reference; 200234_24070376:MIL 32/34]
Albion Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageJune 1966. View looks along Albion Street in the direction of The Headrow. On the left edge the facade of Barclays Bank is visible. Moving right onto the even numbered side of the road, Headrow House is visible in the distance, designed by R. Blomfield and built in the 1950s after road widening. Headrow House is now known as Direct Line House, it is situated at the junction of the Headrow and Albion Street. Continuing right is Carlton Chambers, now known as Cavendish House. There are shops at the bottom of this building with offices above. Next follows Schofield's Food Hall which has two storeys at the front moving back to several floors of offices. This is now Merton House with Argos on the first floor. On the right edge is Henry Walker (Bookseller) Ltd. This building was converted to an NCP carpark with O'Brien's Irish Sandwich Bar at the bottom. Other photographs taken by Harry Ainscough are available to view at www.liverpoolpictorial.co.uk/ainscough/
[internal reference; 20031021_74311465:D LIC Albion (5)]
Albion Street (City Centre)
Black & White image29th February 1980 View looking up Albion Street towards the Headrow, in the left centre of the scene is the intersection of Commercial Street (right) and Bond Street(left). On the left edge is the corner of the Bond Street Centre. Woodcock Travel Agents is on the right edge.
[internal reference; 2004728_35082644:S LIC ALBI 11]
Albion Street (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image1900. View of Albion Street in 1900 showing horse-drawn carts and a man mounted on horseback. A boy is visible with a handcart, and in the foreground a man walks along sportng a straw boater. The building on the right is on the east side of Albion Street, at the corner with Albion Place. On the ground floor it is occupied by Beck & Inchbold Ltd, Printers, Lithographers and Engravers. The business is numbered as 56 Albion Street and on the first floor at number 58 there is the Leeds & Pudsey Liberal Unionist Association, the Yorkshire Liberal Unionist Federation and James Henry Milner, solicitor. The view looks in the direction of the Headrow.
[internal reference; 2009629_169217:LEO 3953]
Albion Street (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1967. View up Albion Street looking towards The Headrow. Schofield's Food Hall and Henry Walkers booksellers are on the right. Cars are parked on both sides of the street and there are people on the pavement. Parking meters are also visible.
[internal reference; 9612:browsing neg no 652]
Albion Street and The Headrow (City Centre)
Colour image21st September 1999. View looking from Albion Street towards corner with The Headrow. The Light shopping and leisure complex is in the process of construction.
[internal reference; 2002328_55305117:MIL 6/20]
Albion Street and the new Headrow, showing the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society's Headquarters (City Centre)
Black & White image1930. Photograph showing the junction of Albion Street to the left and the newly created Headrow to the right. Prior to road widening this section of The Headrow had been known as Guildford Street. New plans for the road alterations were put forward in 1924, which meant that the former premises, on the opposite corner at number 96 Albion Street, had to be demolished. The Leeds and Holbeck Building Society acquired this site for £42,500 and it was previously occupied by very old 'one decker' shops. The new headquarters opened on 12th March 1930.
[internal reference; 2002129_24314517:D LIC ALBION (3)]
Albion Street at the junction with Guildford Street (City Centre)
Black & White image1930, Photograph showing the junction of Albion Street to the left and Guildford Street. Guildford Street was later to be renamed as The Headrow after road widening took place in the 1930s. The former premises of the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society can be seen in the background, although it was shortly to be cleared. In 1924 plans were being made to widen the Headrow and the demolition of this building was inevitable. The Leeds and Holbeck bought old property on the south-west corner of Albion Street and built a new Headquarters there in 1930.
[internal reference; 2002129_11587160:D LIC ALBION (1)]
Albion Street from the junction with Boar Lane (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. A policeman directs the traffic at the junction of Albion Street with Boar Lane in this C1920s view. Number 58 Boar Lane is visible at the right edge, with striped awning. It is the premises of Gowing, general draper. At the left edge is number 57, Salmon and Gluckstien Tobacconists. Looking up Albion Street to what is now the Headrow, the semi-circular street sign belongs to The Charles J. Fox Piano Co., piano manufacturers at number 30.
[internal reference; 2005520_83521670:LEO 657]
Albion Street No.50 (City Centre)
Black & White image29th February 1980 This view of Albion Street is looking up to the Headrow. On the right can be seen a sign for the YMCA, which was above the shops, with the entrance on Albion Place. Number 50 is Hunting Lambert Travel.
[internal reference; 2004728_16402834:S LIC ALBI 9]
Albion Street nos. 105 - 109 (City Centre)
Black & White image14th September 1927 Junction with Guildford Street (Headrow). Commercial Hotel can be seen. Number 109 Albion Street, John Pickering printer. Number 107, Avison's Studio, Edwin Avison photographer, number 105 premises used by Patent Chimney Pot Company. Whose posters are visible, Allied News Ltd, poster for 'Daily Despatch' and the Antique Reproduction Silver Plate manufacturers. A yard between properties has two parked cars. Studio has ornamental wood frontage.
[internal reference; 200244_73720950:C LIC Albion (2)]
Albion Street nos. 119 - 125 (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image14th August 1939. Albion Street, looking south to Boar Lane across the Headrow. Number 125, St Ann's Buildings housed Hillman Brothers wireless factors, Leeds Premier Supply Co. clothing club, Miss Lizzie Crosby artist, Loyal Order of Ancient Sheperds Friendly Society. At the top of the building, sign 'Hearts of Oak' Assurance Co. Ltd. number 123 S.N. Kilner jeweller has shop blind down to protect window. Next, junction with Coronation Place. Number 119 Miller Page Furnishing. There is a hanging sign on shop front and banners in the window inform that it is a 'Walk Round Store' Junction with Upper Fountaine Street. Corner of 44 to 68 Headrow building used as Tax offices, Electricty Offices. Directly across the Headrow (with clock) number 105 Albion Street is the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society.
[internal reference; 200244_24993533:C LIC Albion (8)]
Albion Street nos. 119-127 (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image14th August 1939. Left side, corner of Standard Cars showroom, number 120/122 Albion Street. On right number 127 Charles Whitelock, tailor Number 125, St Ann's Buildings housed Hillman Brothers wireless factors, Leeds Premier Supply Co. Clothing club, Miss Lizzie Crosby artist, Loyal Order of Ancient Sheperds Friendly Society. At the top of the building, sign 'Hearts of Oak' Assurance Co. Ltd. Number 123 S.N. Kilner jeweller has shop blind down to protect window. Next, junction with Coronation Place. 119 Miller Page Furnishing. This view is looking towards Boar Lane, across the Headrow. There are cars in the road, a loaded horse and cart outside Miller Page.
[internal reference; 200244_74285525:C LIC Albion (7)]
Albion Street nos. 120-134 (City Centre)
Black & White image20th September 1935. Albion Street, looking south to the Headrow, junction with Woodhouse Lane. Number 134, Miss Rhonda Pollard, gowns with window display. Also at this number occuping higher floors at number 132 are Tom Dolby rent and debt collector, Taylors signs, Atlas Advertising Ltd. Ralph Saffman solicitor, Blackburn and Broader business agents. Number 130, Alice Timms Apartment Agency, number 128 Cyril Taylor Motor Tyres. Number 126, on the corner of St Ann Street, Rex Holliday artists supplies. Number 120/122 Premises of Spencer Blackburn Standard Garage, with electrical sign. Cars in road.
[internal reference; 200244_60685366:C LIC Albion (3)]
Albion Street nos. 97 - 105 (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image4th April 1951. Looking north along Albion Street, showing the following premises; number 97, Linsley Bros., gun makers (with A. Conway, solicitors, above); number 99, The Economic Leagues' offices; number 101 is the empty Lynn Models Ltd, which has a cross painted through it. Number 103 is James Charles Son & Carter, estate agents; Number 105 is The Leeds & Holbeck Building Society, at the junction with The Headrow. The roofs of two cars are in the bottom right. Two men stand talking on the left.
[internal reference; 8541:CLIC Albion 19]
Albion Street to Cookridge Street (City Centre) (4 comments)
Colour image18th January 2006. View from Albion Street down to Cookridge Street showing a paved area between the Headrow and Great George Street. On the left is the rear of the Light, a retail and leisure development which stands on the junction of Albion Street with Great George Street. Right of centre is the rear of St. Anne's Cathedral. Photograph courtesy of James William Bell.
[internal reference; 2006817_161817:LEO 1128]