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Adel Church and Mounting Block (Adel)
Black & White image1919 View of Adel Church looking across the church yard from the road. Mounting block for horse-riders at the entrance gate. Until the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the church belonged to the Benedictine Priory of Holy Trinity, York.
[internal reference; 2002129_9412783:D LIJ Adel 29]
Adel Church, Bronze Sanctuary Door Ring (Adel) (3 comments)
Colour imageDecember 1963. Close-up showing the fine workmanship of the bronze Sanctuary door ring on the door of the South Porch of Adel Church. It dates from the thirteenth century and is thought to have been made at York. The handle, incorporating a dog-like beast, is very similar to one seen at All Saints Church, Pavement, York. Adel Church is known to have had associations with Holy Trinity Priory of York, which in turn had connections with Marmountier to the South of Tours. It is thought that the skilled craftsman who made the ornamental door furniture ect. could have come from this region of France. The deal panelled door was replaced in 1879 and Architects, Adams and Kelly discovered a much older door concealed in the casing. This door had been turned around at some time as it bore marks in three places where the hinges had once been positioned. Old, rusty hinges were still in place.
[internal reference; 2006117_160353:LEO 916]
Adel Mill Farm, Eccup Lane (Adel) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Adel Mill Farm. This was the site of an ancient cornmill, referred to in a charter made before 1200. It was also the cause of an ownership dispute between the Abbot of Kirkstall and the Prior of Holy Trinity Priory, York. It lasted for over fifty years and was not settled until 1237.
[internal reference; 20021016_95846194:Historic Interest List C, C17(1)]
Aerial View looking South-West (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999 In the bottom left hand corner just seen is the award-winning glass fronted 15-16 Park Row, while above it stands West Riding House situated on Albion Street. In the middle is the steeple of Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, with on its right Albion Tower, the office block above Leeds Shopping Plaza. The brown building on the right with reflective windows is the Lloyd's TSB building. In the bottom right corner are the stripy chimneys of The Old Monk bar on Park Row.
[internal reference; 200325_40548342:MIL/37/13]
Aerial View of the City Centre (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Taken between 1955 and 1962 this aerial view of the City Centre shows Park Row running vertically along the left of the image. In the top left corner of the photo, at the top of Park Row is Cookridge Street with the Civic Theatre (1868) visible on the right and the Leeds Permanent Building, later The Light, below. In front of this is The Headrow and shops and offices flanked by Upper Basinghall Street on the left and and Albion Street on the right. Where these two streets meet Boar Lane at the bottom of the image is now the site of the Leeds Shopping Plaza, previously the Bond Street shopping centre built in the 1970s. Below this is the Mill Hill area. At the top of the image on the right is Allder's, originally built as Lewis's in 1932. In front of this is the site eventually used for The Headrow shopping centre (1988) with Lands Lane on the far right. At the bottom of Lands Lane is the Holy Trinity Church (1722-6) and the area used to create the Trinity and Burton Arcade (1967).
[internal reference; 2004211_23295229:N LIB Central 74(b)]