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Location - Leeds & District

Ashbourne Place, Joseph Street no.s 86-90 (rear view) (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image30th June 1964. Ashbourne Place, these were through properties with entrances on Joseph Street. On the left is number 86, moving right 88. This was a tailoring business, W.Hunt. The large house on the left had a grocers shop on Joseph Street run by J. Bisbey. On the right edge the brick wall is part of workshop premises used by Hunt tailoring. The name 'Ashbourne' was used for one of the blocks of Hunslet Grange Flats (Leek Street) which were built in this area.
[internal reference; 2003320_87752933:WYAS (Anchor St) Box no.5/2, no.289]
Askern Place no.s 22-28 (Hunslet)
Black & White image24th June 1964. Askern Place, seen from Gordon Road. Number 28 is on the left, moving right numbers follow to 22 on the right. This area became the site of Hunslet Grange flats. Names of some of the previous streets were used for the new property. The flats proved to be a disaster in planning and building, within 20 years they were demolished.
[internal reference; 2003319_53113955:WYAS (Anchor St) Box no.5/2, no.183]
Askern Terrace no.s 20-26 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image24th June 1964. Looking from the corner with Gordon Street, number 26 is on the left, followed by numbers in sequence ending with 20 on the right. This area was cleared and the site was used for Hunslet Grange flats, one of the blocks was called Askern Chase. Built in 1968, they were demolished in 1983.
[internal reference; 2003319_99874515:WYAS (Anchor St) Box no.5/2, no.185]
Charles Lightowler & Sons from Jack Lane (Hunslet) (11 comments)
Colour imageUndated. A young boy points across Jack Lane to the Lithographer and Chromo Tin Printing works of Charles Lightowler & Sons. The frontage of this old family firm was on Joseph Street. At the left edge Endon Croft is visible, part of the 1968 built Leek Street flats (Hunslet Grange.)
[internal reference; 2009216_168372:LEO 3651]
Church Street from Leek Street Flats (Hunslet Grange) (Hunslet) (10 comments)
Black & White image1974/75. View of Church Street taken from the Leek Street flats, officially known as Hunslet Grange. The houses seen are numbered, from left to right 150, 148 and 146 Church Street. The building in the background is Henry Berry & Co. Ltd, Hydraulic engineers at Croydon Works. Image courtesy of Robert Harrison.
[internal reference; 20071015_164945:LEO 2134]