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Location - Leeds & District

Quarry Hill Flats (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image1939 View shows a lady with a pram just outside the entrance to Lupton House. View looks across an empty garden plot towards the playground and Jackson House.
[internal reference; 20031023_36399478:D LIE Quarry (10)]
Quarry Hill Flats under demolition. (Quarry Hill)
Black & White imageC1970s. View through trees in blossom to Quarry Hill Flats which are in the process of being demolished. Demolition began with Jackson House on 25th September 1975 and the whole complex was leveled by June 1978. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[internal reference; 2007824_164563:LEO 2023]
Quarry Hill Flats, during demolition (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image1977. View of Quarry Hill Flats in the process of demolition. In the centre is Jackson House, much of which has already been demolished, with only the middle section remaining. On the far right the edge of Wright House can be seen.
[internal reference; 2018823_176852:LEO 9184]
Quarry Hill Flats, General Views (Quarry Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White image1939. On the left is Lupton House, with Kitson House in the centre. On the right is the end of Jackson House. A children's play area lies between Kitson and Jackson Houses.
[internal reference; 2002927_73192996:Quarry Hill, Volume B, No. 64 (LQ 331.833 L517)]
Quarry Hill Flats, Jackson House (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image28th October 1936. View from Marsh Lane, looking at Jackson House under construction, across to New York Road.
[internal reference; 2002102_73402041:Quarry Hill, Volume A, No. 46 (LQ 331.833 L517)]