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Aerial View, Leeds Bridge (City Centre) (15 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, This photo possibly dates from the 1920s, a view from the end of Lower Briggate. The River Aire and waterside can be seen with the bridge towards the left. The road on the left is Hunslet Road, moving right are Hunslet Lane. The triangular building at the junction of Hunslet Road and Hunslet Lane is Leeds Bridge House.
[internal reference; 20031030_86094302:D LIB Central (33)]
Boar Lane (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White image10th March 1943. Looking west along Boar Lane from Duncan Street, across the junction of Briggate and Lower Briggate. Tramlines and overhead power cables cross at the junction. The modern frontage of Saxone Shoes is on the right. Next door, on Boar Lane, two men on a trestle are working on the shop frontage. To the left is the Fifty Shilling Tailors. At the top corner of the building is a sign for James Mc Lean, turf commission agents. To the right of the tailors, a hand cart, with lorries, vans and cars on Boar Lane. The Austin lorry in the centre advertises Golden Shred marmalade. Traffic lights, road signs and hand rails are at the junction, which has blackout markings on the curbs. There are many pedestrians on the pavements. Trinity Church is visible above the building on the right.
[internal reference; 8788:CLIC Boar 31]
Boar Lane and Lower Briggate (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1867. View of Lower Briggate looking west, at the junction with Boar Lane, which can be seen to be closed for work to widen it. On the far left, the single storey building at number 28 is occupied by the Golden Fleece and Pickard's wine and spirit merchants. Numbers 29 and 30 are boarded up, but Richard Fenton, hosier and glover, is still open at no. 31. No. 32, previously the premises of John Thomas Beer, tailor, is also boarded up. The buildings in this photograph were demolished shortly after the date of this photograph as part of the widening work on Boar Lane.
[internal reference; 2020211_177499:LEO 9821]
Boar Lane, No.1, renovation (City Centre)
Colour imagec1990s. View showing no.1 Boar Lane, at the junction with Lower Briggate, undergoing renovation in the early 1990s. This building, also known as Trevelyan Chambers, was built in the 1860s and designed by Thomas Ambler. It has been occupied by various businesses over the years, including C.J. Hardy & Co, clothiers and outfitters, in the early 20th Century, with James Mclean Ltd, Turf Commission Agents, on the upper floors at the time, Fifty Shilling Tailors in the 1940s, Jet Dry Cleaners and Boar Lane Discount Warehouse in the 1970s. After renovation it would become a hotel and restaurant complex comprising the Marriott Hotel, John T's. Bar and Dyson's Restaurant, with the Sofa Workshop on the ground floor. On the left, also undergoing renovation, is the building formerly occupied by John Dyson, clockmaker and jeweller, which later became a restaurant.
[internal reference; 2007108_164883:LEO 2129b]
Boar Lane, tram no.274 (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. View looking east along Boar Lane from the junction with Lower Briggate, into which tram no.274 is turning. This is a Dick, Kerr tram dating from 1901 and is bound for Bramley. On the right is the shop of Mrs. Melbourne, costumier, then Holy Trinity Church. After the junction with Trinity Street is the Grand Pygmalion department store, the business of Monteith, Hamilton & Monteith Ltd., on the site which was later occupied by C & A. In the foreground are two policemen.
[internal reference; 2009105_169510:LEO 4140]
Bower's Yard, Whip Hotel (City Centre)
Black & White image1973. View of the entrance the Whip Hotel, at the end of Bower's Yard, on the east side of lower Briggate, and opposite Dyson's Time Ball Buildings. The Whip, an old coaching inn, was the last men-only public house in Leeds, only admitting women around the late 1970s. Briefly named the Fiddler's Elbow around 1995, it is now home to Mook, a cocktail bar.
[internal reference; 202043_177552:LEO 9906]
Bridge End, drawing by Pete Lapish (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1930. Pencil drawing by Pete Lapish intended to be the basis for a painting, but it was never painted in the end. It shows Bridge End seen from Meadow Lane, looking across Leeds Bridge over the River Aire, and beyond to Lower Briggate where the railway bridge crosses overhead. The spire of Holy Trinity Church is seen in the background. At the bottom left is Allans Ltd., house furnishers, at no. 24 Bridge End. More of Pete Lapish's images can be seen on his website www.petelapish.art
[internal reference; 20171130_176383:LEO 8811]
Bridge End, junction with Dock Street (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. View looking from Dock Street along Bridge End towards Leeds Bridge to the left and Lower Briggate out of view over the bridge. Most of the properties are boarded up and the side of some buildings used for advertising posters. These include ones for Peacock's Linoleums, Nestle and Bovril. The building in the centre at the corner with Dock Street was number 29 Bridge End, formerly a butchers shop owned by Frank Ambler; moving left along Bridge End the business of J.W. Gibbons, provision dealer can be seen at number 25 and just before Leeds Bridge is Hick Brothers, ironmongers and tinners, at number 17. Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004217_62105960:Wormald, Old Leeds Views, part 1, no.43, SRF 914.2819 WOR]
Bridge End, tram no.143 (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image12th July 1952. View of tram no.143 travelling along Bridge End on route no.25 to Hunslet. Advertisements for Tizer 'the Appetizer' and Tetley's Beer cover panels at the front and side of this Chamberlain built between 1925 and 1928. On the left are the Bridge End Dining Rooms while in the background on the right is the Golden Lion public house at the junction of Lower Briggate and Swinegate.
[internal reference; 20091229_169947:LEO 4046]
Briggate (City Centre)
Colour image15 September 1999 View looking down towards Lower Briggate entrance to Victoria Quarter can be seen on the left with Queens Arcade on the right.
[internal reference; 2002814_9804934:mil 6/32a]
Briggate from the junctions with Boar Lane and Duncan Street (City Centre) (4 comments)
Black & White imagec1930s. View of Briggate in the 1930s. The photographer is standing at the junctions with Boar Lane, left, and Duncan Street, right, just in Lower Briggate. The view is looking in the direction of the Headrow. The buildings appear to have been decorated with bunting, perhaps in celebration of a Royal Coronation. (Edward Vlll - 1936 or George Vl - 1937?). Image courtesy of Ron Davies.
[internal reference; 201046_170536:LEO 4859]
Briggate, Borders (City Centre)
Colour image15 September 1999 View of Briggate looking in direction of lower Briggate. Wendys Hamburger bar on left with Borders bookshop next door, Principles for men is visible on the right.
[internal reference; 2002813_65775699:mil 6/27A]
Briggate, Horse Buses (City Centre)
Black & White image1900, Horse drawn buses on lower Briggate, looking towards Leeds Bridge. The tram on the right has an extra horse to the front, with a boy riding it. This was to help the vehicle turn into Duncan Street.
[internal reference; 2002129_45345706:D LIC BRIGGATE (12)]
Briggate, junction with Boar Lane and Duncan Street (City Centre)
Black & White image1960s View of Briggate at the junction with Boar Lane, on the left, and Duncan Street, on the right, looking from Lower Briggate. Shops on the four corners are, on the left, Alexandre menswear and Saxone shoes, and on the right, Paragon Jewellers (with Walker & Hall, silversmiths, London & Manchester Assurance and Schweppes Table Waters above) and Burton's Tailors. The streets are busy with shoppers.
[internal reference; 200837_166321:FRITH/Box2/L28/LDS 142]
Briggate, LNER Bridge (City Centre)
Black & White image11th June 1933. View looking from the junction of Briggate with Call Lane (right) and Swinegate (left) through the London and North Eastern Railway bridge on Lower Briggate. The Golden Lion Hotel can be seen on the left with Fred Verity and Son, Ironmongers on the right. In February 2017, this bridge was repainted in rainbow colours. The LGBT campaigner, Ross McCusker called the bridge, ‘Freedom Bridge’. The name was inspired by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker's Freedom Flag.
[internal reference; 2002812_55149478:C LIW Briggate (3)]
Briggate, numbers 25 to 30 (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White imagec1860s. View of very old properties in Briggate, dating from the 16th century. This part of Briggate is sometimes referred to as Lower Briggate. On the left, number 25 has the business of hosier, John Barraclough on the ground floor and B.W. Sharp, printers occupies the upper floors, addressed as number 26. Also at number 26, but at street level, is William Bolland, bookseller. In the late 1860s the newly established (1865) Leeds clockmakers & jewellers firm of John Dyson & son moved from The Calls to number 24 Briggate. They eventually expanded to numbers 25 and 26 and their premises became very well known as the Time Ball Buildings because of the famous clock which became a well-loved meeting place. The Dyson's clock would eventually be in situ between the two first floor bay windows on the left as the the buildings were soon to be given a new frontage. The old single storey building houses a boot and shoe depot belonging to shoemaker, James Lowley at 27. Also in this building is The Golden Fleece (28) run by wine & spirit merchant, Anthony Pickard. Miss Julia Pickard runs the tobacconist at number 29 and Daniel Pickard & Co., the linen drapers at number 30. These very old buildings had timber frames and were probably demolished not long after this photograph was taken when Boar Lane was widened in 1867. The spire of Trinity Church, at the junction of Boar Lane and Trinity Street, can be seen in the centre background. Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 200266_26704043:HO 377 & Old Leeds Views, Part 1, Page 15, SRF 914.2819 WOR]
Briggate, numbers 27 to 32 (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1867. View of Briggate (sometimes referred to as Lower Briggate) with the junction with Boar Lane at the right edge. At the extreme right there is a glimpse of the old Punch Bowl inn located at numbers 2 and 3 Boar Lane. This is the west side of Briggate and properties number 27 to 32. At the left edge is a theatre poster advertising a play by dramatist, Thomas William Robertson (1829-1871) called "Caste", first performed in 1867. At number 27, left, is the Boot & Shoe Depot which is selling off stock and reducing prices. Next is the Golden Fleece at number 28, which at this time was run by Anthony Pickard. Pickard and Co. were also wines and spirits merchants and sold tobacco and cigars. Further along, at number 30 with the cart in front, is Daniel & Isaac Picard, Linen Drapers. Numbers 25 and 26 were eventually converted by the clockmakers and jewellers, Dyson's, already in number 24, not long after this photograph was taken. These very old properties dated from 1650. In the background the spire of the 18th century Holy Trinity Church in Boar Lane can be seen. Photography by Wormald of Leeds. Updated 25.06.20
[internal reference; 7972:LIC Briggate 2 35 (browsing neg no 32) & Wormald, Old Leeds Views, part 2, no.21, SRF 914.2819 WOR]
Briggate, Postcard (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated View showing Briggate looking from lower Briggate. Photograph shows shoppers and tram cars to centre of road.
[internal reference; 20021216_33669680:General Views of Yorkshire Vol.5, no.786(iii), Q 942.74 K63Y ]
Briggate, railway Bridge (City Centre) (24 comments)
Black & White image11th June 1933. View looking down on to Lower Briggate under Railway Bridge in direction of Leeds Bridge. Junction with Swinegate can be seen on right.
[internal reference; 2002812_33285159:C LIW Briggate (2)]
Briggate, railway Bridge (City Centre)
Black & White image28th February 1917. View of railway bridge on south side of lower Briggate.
[internal reference; 2002812_62826175:C LIW Briggate (1)]