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Abbey Road, Leeds Tramways Department old electricity sub station. (Kirkstall) (4 comments)
Colour image20th May 2007. View of an old electricity sub-station built for Leeds Tramways Department (Hawksworth) in Abbey Road in 1906. It provided power on the route from Woodside Avenue, Kirkstall Road to the Hawksworth Road Terminus, route number 4. It was decommisioned in 1948 when a new power plant opened in Kirkstall Road. The stone building stands opposite the former site of Kirkstall Forge. It was once taken over by a firm dealing in equipment for pool and snooker. Presently, the building stands empty. Image courtesy of Graham Schofield.
[internal reference; 200781_164363:LEO 1961]
Aireborough Council 1960 (Rawdon)
Black & White image1960. This photograph was taken in 1960, many of the councillors were re-elected in 1962. Back Row left to right - Mr Farrar (Senior Public Health Inspector) Mr Tuffnell (Engineer and Surveyor) Cllr. Dodson, Cllr. Prince, Mr Hand (Treasurer), Miss M Schofield (Aireborough Librarian for many years). Middle Row - Cllr. Partridge, Cllr. Allerton, Cllr. Clapham, Cllr. Rhodes, Cllr. Southards, Cllr. Longden. Front Row - Cllr. Wood, Cllr. Finch, Cllr. Hudson, Cllr. Wilby, Cllr. Kirkbright (Vice - Chairman), Cllr. Best (Chairman), Mr R Hulme (Chairman of Council), Cllr. Miss Spencer, Cllr. Spencer, Cllr. Gibbon, Cllr. Mrs Hutchinson.
[internal reference; 2002430_57827395:RA 2054]
Albion Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageJune 1966. View looks along Albion Street in the direction of The Headrow. On the left edge the facade of Barclays Bank is visible. Moving right onto the even numbered side of the road, Headrow House is visible in the distance, designed by R. Blomfield and built in the 1950s after road widening. Headrow House is now known as Direct Line House, it is situated at the junction of the Headrow and Albion Street. Continuing right is Carlton Chambers, now known as Cavendish House. There are shops at the bottom of this building with offices above. Next follows Schofield's Food Hall which has two storeys at the front moving back to several floors of offices. This is now Merton House with Argos on the first floor. On the right edge is Henry Walker (Bookseller) Ltd. This building was converted to an NCP carpark with O'Brien's Irish Sandwich Bar at the bottom. Other photographs taken by Harry Ainscough are available to view at www.liverpoolpictorial.co.uk/ainscough/
[internal reference; 20031021_74311465:D LIC Albion (5)]
Albion Street (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1967. View up Albion Street looking towards The Headrow. Schofield's Food Hall and Henry Walkers booksellers are on the right. Cars are parked on both sides of the street and there are people on the pavement. Parking meters are also visible.
[internal reference; 9612:browsing neg no 652]
Albion Street, Butts Court junction (City Centre)
Colour image6th February 1991 Colour photograph of Albion Street looking south. On the left is Supersave Drugstore then the loading bay and service entrance of Schofields Centre, with the multi-storey car park above. On the right, beyond the junction with Butts Court, are the Bradford and Bingley Building Society and the Trustee Savings Bank.
[internal reference; 2005316_46744937:S LIC ALBI 2]