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Temple Newsam House, Interior, Oak Bedhead (Temple Newsam)
Black & White imageUndated, View shows the detail of a carved bedhead situated in the Tudor Room at Temple Newsam House. The contents of the Tudor Room were moved from Bretton Hall in 1947. The bedhead is made of oak and intricately decorated. At the top are two coats of arms, on the right is Thomas Wentworth's, owner of Bretton Hall. Below are three pictorial panels which show 'Sampson slaying the Lion with the jawbone of an Ass', 'St George killing the Dragon' and 'David holding up the head of Goliath'. The bed would originally have had hangings made of velvet and gold cloth.
[internal reference; 2004316_4459780:T LIE Temple Newsam (15)]
Temple Newsam House, Interior, Oak Cupboard (Temple Newsam)
Black & White imageUndated, View shows a 16th century oak cupboard in the Tudor Room at Temple Newsam House. The Tudor Room had originally been the Red Room then later the Armoury until 1947 when oak panelling and furniture were taken from Bretton Hall and installed here. It is thought that much of the oak furniture was made to commemorate the wedding of Thomas Wentworth, the owner of Bretton Hall, in 1531. The two coats of arms on the mid-section of the cupboard are the Dronsfield's (former owners) and Wentworth's. In the central panel are the initials of Thomas Wentworth and also the letter K which signifies that he was a knight marshall under King Henry VIII.
[internal reference; 2004316_85659427:T LIE Temple (16)]
Temple Newsam House, Interior, Tudor Room (Temple Newsam)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows a beautifully carved bed in the Tudor Room on the second floor of the West Wing of Temple Newsam House. The furniture of this room and the oak panelling carved in linenfold style date from the early 16th century. The room was originally part of Bretton Hall where it was known as Henry VIII's room referring to reports that the King once stayed there. The contents of the Tudor Room were installed at Temple Newsam in 1947. The room is also known as The Bretton Room.
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