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Aerial View, Leeds City Station (City Centre)
Black & White image1962 The centre of this aerial view is dominated by Leeds City Railway Station with tracks running diagonally from the top left to the bottom right. Towards the top left is the place where the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal separate. The River flows above the station before disappearing under the Dark Arches, reappearing lower down to rejoin the canal at Victoria Bridge. The canal runs to the right of Tower Works, famous for its italianate chimneys. Above Leeds City Station is the smaller Central Station on Wellington Street which closed in 1967. Wellington Street runs from the top edge to City Square in the centre of the right edge. The Square is bordered by The Queens Hotel, Majestic Cinema, The Post Office and The Royal Exchange Building. Boar Lane runs from the bottom of City Square. In the lower right corner Briggate runs back towards the left, passing underneath the railway lines. Below the City Station is the Queen's Hall, a former tram depot on Swinegate, converted to an exhibition centre and concert hall before being demolished in 1989. The pale coloured building below this with an arched semi-circular roof is the Omnibus Depot on Sovereign Street.
[internal reference; 2003102_35656375:D LISH Leeds City Station 1962]
Aire and Calder Navigation, Warehouses (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Situated on Warehouse Hill, to the left, this view is from Call Lane. These old warehouses belonged to the Aire and Calder Navigation. This area is now mostly cleared of old property, giving views to the waterfront and renovated properties.
[internal reference; 20021016_18116396:Historic Interest List E, E86]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf (City Centre)
Black & White image2003. View of the former Tetley's Brewery Wharf Museum now converted as part of a huge development scheme on the waterfront. On completion the scheme will offer office space for a thousand workers and also includes the 248 bed Jurys Inn and leisure and retail facilities. The circular building has become the venue for Oracle, a bar and restaurant complex. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006213_160673:LEO 969]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, former Tetley Museum (City Centre)
Colour image2003. View of the circular, structure of the former Tetley's Brewery Wharf Museum which opened on 19th March 1994 and closed on 7th April 2000. It has recently been converted to become Brewery Place as part of a huge development scheme on the waterfront. It is now the venue for Oracle, a bar and restaurant. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006213_160665:LEO 963]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, interior view (City Centre)
Colour image2003. Interior view of Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, recently converted former Tetley's Brewery Wharf Museum. It is part of a mixed use development scheme to provide office space, residential and hotel accommodation and leisure and retail facilities over a 5 acre site on the waterfront. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006213_160675:LEO 971]
Brewery Place, number 1, walkway (City Centre)
Colour imageJanuary 2005. The building seen left is the former Tetley's Brewery Wharf Museum, recently converted and now part of a multi-million pound scheme to regenerate the riverside between Crown Point and the Calls. This includes the 300 metre stretch of walkway, part of which is seen here, along the waterfront, The new route allows pedestrians and cyclists access, previously denied, from the City Centre (Bridge End) to Brewery Wharf, Clarence Dock and the Royal Armouries. They are now able to visit the cafes and bars along the route. This part of the walkway with its landscape and seating areas has been developed by Rushbond PLC in association with Barratts. The walkway was unveiled by the Chair of Leeds Initiative's Waterfront Panel, Eric Cowin, also chair of Eye on the Aire. He said it "provides a new opportunity to access and enjoy Leeds's city centre waterfront and its unique heritage." Photograph courtesy of Rushbond PLC.
[internal reference; 201068_170826:LEO 987]
Brewery Wharf, Jurys Inn under construction, Kendell Street (City Centre)
Colour image2003. View of the Jurys Inn under construction in Kendell Street at Brewery Wharf. It is part of a multi- million pound scheme to develop five acres of waterfront. The hotel is now open and offers 248 standard rooms and restaurant and bar facilities to guests. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006213_160671:LEO 968]
Bridge End, apartments (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. View of the old Simpson Fold Warehouses at Bridge End by night, now converted into luxury apartments. Dating originally from the 1770s, the buildings are now addressed as no.1 Dock Street and can be seen reflected in the River Aire below.
[internal reference; 2008124_165910:LEO 2612]
Bridgewater Place, looking west (Holbeck)
Colour image2000s. Looking west towards Bridgewater Place from the River Aire, taken around the time that this mixed use development, the tallest building in Leeds, was newly constructed. Situated at the corner of Water Lane and Victoria Road, and including luxury apartments, office space and retail space, it was officially opened on 26th April 2007. In the foreground on the right is the former Victoria Mills, converted in 1992 to a restaurant and office block, while on the left is the ASDA headquarters completed in 1988.
[internal reference; 20101028_171453:LEO 5120]
Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery, Hunslet Road (Hunslet)
Colour image2010. View from summer 2010 of the Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery on Hunslet Road, showing the Brewery Security Gate House in the centre formerly known as Joshua Tetley and Son, the brewery had occupied the site since 1822, but was closed down on 17th June 2011 by parent company Carlsberg. On the left of the picture is the Jury's Inn, a 248-bed hotel built as part of a multi-million pound scheme to redevelop the waterfront of the River Aire.
[internal reference; 2011816_172556:LEO 5547]
Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery, Hunslet Road (Hunslet)
Colour image2010. View taken in summer 2010 looking across Hunslet Road at the yard of the Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery, formerly Joshua Tetley and Son. Off the picture to the right is the Brewery Gate House while off the picture to the left is Waterloo Street. The new buildings in the background, including the Jury's Inn hotel, are part of the multi-million pound waterfront redevelopment scheme. Tetley's Brewery was closed on 17th June 2011 by its parent company Carlsberg with the loss of 179 jobs.
[internal reference; 2011816_172560:LEO 5549]
Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery, Waterloo Street (Hunslet)
Colour image2010. View dating from summer 2010 showing the Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery from the Waterloo Street end. A tall chimney and several Carlsberg lorries can be seen, with cars parked along the length of the road. In the background on the left are new developments on Bowman Lane which face onto the Waterfront of the River Aire. The brewery, which was established in 1822 as Joshua Tetley and Son, was closed by its parent company Carlsberg on 17th June 2011.
[internal reference; 2011816_172564:LEO 5553]
Centenary Bridge, from Brewery Wharf. (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. View of Centenary Bridge looking from Brewery Wharf across the River Aire to The Calls. This suspension bridge for pedestrians was designed by Ove Arup and opened on 20th December 1993 to celebrate Leeds' 100 years as a city. The building seen across the river is no. 46 The Calls, a conversion of a 1930s brick warehouse into a Design and Innovation Centre, built in 1988, which provides office and studio accommodation for architects and designers.
[internal reference; 2007117_165209:LEO 2215]
City Centre, aerial view (City Centre)
Colour imageC1999. Aerial view of the city centre looking north west. The railway line with the City Station in the middle dominates the bottom of the photo, with the River Aire just above on the left. New buildings can be seen along the waterfront including the Prince's Exchange opened in 1999. City Square is just to the right of the centre. The Town Hall, Civic Hall, Leeds General Infirmary and Part of Leeds Metropolitan University can be seen on the top right. Taken around 1999 after the building of Prince's Exchange but before the start of work on Millennium Square.
[internal reference; 20071113_165274:LEO 2321]
City Centre, aerial view looking south-east from West Riding House (City Centre)
Colour image2000s. Aerial view looking south-east across the city centre from West Riding House. Commercial Street runs from bottom centre to centre left, from where Briggate leads off diagonally up through the middle of the photo. Towards the right scaffolding surrounds the top of buildings which are to be part of the £350 million Trinity development due to open in 2013. Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane is seen behind. In the centre background are new developments around the Waterfront/Clarence Dock. St. Peter's Church is just seen in the top left corner with developments in East Street/Crown Point Road behind.
[internal reference; 201222_173253:LEO 6507]
Clarence Dock, Royal Armouries Museum, at night (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. View of Clarence Dock at night showing the Royal Armouries Museum on the left.
[internal reference; 2007116_165184:LEO 2211]
Clarence Dock, Royal Armouries Museum, at night (City Centre)
Colour image1998. View of Clarence Dock by night, showing the Royal Armouries Museum on the left, taken during the Waterfront Festival of 1998. A firework display lights up the sky.
[internal reference; 2007116_165185:LEO 2210]
Converted Warehouse, Leeds Waterfront (City Centre)
Colour image6th October 1999 View looking south south west from Leeds Bridge with converted warehouses on the left.
[internal reference; 2002610_61022586:MIL 40/1]
Crown Point Bridge, The Chandlers (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated View looking across Crown Point Bridge over the River Aire to the Chandlers, a recent development of riverside apartments which includes a mixture of old and new buildings, the new ones being seen here. In the background is the clock tower of Leeds Parish Church, St. Peter's.
[internal reference; 20071030_165133:LEO 2202]
Dock Street looking West in the direction of Bridge End (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1964. Dock Street looking West in the direction of Bridge End. This narrow street was at one time a hive of activity. On the right are Aire and Calder Navigation buildings where goods were loaded from carts onto barges and vice-versa via loading dock platforms. On the left are Georgian properties which once belonged to early wool cloth merchants. A sign on the first floor of number 32 indicates the premises of Peel's Printing Press. This area no longer looks run-down and dingy as in this image from the 1960s. Leeds Waterfront has been rejuvenated with a mix of new and old. Old buildings have been renovated with the emphasis on conservation and preservation. There are smart riverside and loft apartments for city living and a variety of shops, hotels restaurants and bars.
[internal reference; 2004225_35931033:T LIC DOCK (1)]