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Aerial view of Armley Gaol (Armley) (18 comments)
Black & White image1937 Aerial view of Armley Gaol, built as Leeds Borough Gaol and completed in July 1847 at a cost of £43,000. The buildings were designed by architects Perkin and Backhouse. The road from top to bottom across the centre is Hall Lane and New Wortley Cemetery is at the left edge from the middle to the top. The prison is surrounded by a high wall and wihin the boundaries there is an exercise yard. Inmates can be seen walking the circular paths. The rows of terraced houses, bottom left, are Hawthorn Place and Hawthorn Terrace. Behind the prison Winchester Road runs from the junction with Hall Lane.
[internal reference; 2007731_164348:N LIHQ ARMLEY (5)]
Aerial View, City Centre with River Aire and Stations (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image1964 This aerial view shows the network of railway lines, roads and waterway links to the south of the City Centre, looking from the Wortley aera. On the extreme left is the line going into Central Station, which was on Wellington Street. Moving right, Whitehall Road with Monk Bridge crossing the River Aire. The Leeds-Liverpool Canal is running alongside this section of the river, with City Station to the right as the river flows under the Dark Arches. The view to the right looks over Holbeck towards Hunslet.
[internal reference; 20031029_35851687:D LIB Central (6)]
Aerial View, Wellington Road (Wortley) (51 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Aerial view of Wellington Road and railway lines, Wortley. Wellington Road is on the left side of the photo, running from the centre bottom to the top left at an angle. Wortley gas works is in the top left corner. In the bottom right, corner is Wortley railway sidings and Copley Hill junction. The railway runs into Leeds.
[internal reference; 20031030_40887087:D LIB City (12)]
Aerial View, Wortley and City Centre (Wortley) (13 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Aerial view of Wortley area showing the railway into Leeds City and Central Stations. To the left, just below the centre, large rectangle of land is Wortley Cemetery. Moving across to the right is Copley Hill railway junction and Holbeck. At the top edge (not visible without magnification) are the Merrion Centre which opened in 1964 and Quarry Hill Flats which were demolished by 1978. Below the gasometer in the centre are cleared areas of land which would become the sites of the blocks of flats, Clyde Grange and Clyde Court, built in 1968, and Wortley Towers and Wortley Heights, built in 1966. This gives a date between 1964 and 1966 for the photograph.
[internal reference; 20031030_4026430:D LIB City (11)]
Albert Prince Street (Wortley) (6 comments)
Black & White image1954 Even numbered back-to-back houses on Albert Prince Street, numbers run from the left in descending order to number 2 on the right where a bicycle leans against the wall. These houses were due for demolition and redevelopment as part of slum clearance for the Langham Street area of Wortley.
[internal reference; 2003519_17483157:WYAS Langham Street, Box 64, no. 34]