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Abbey Street, nos. 3 - 11 (Burley) (12 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, This view is looking along Abbey Street from Kirkstall Road to Cavendish Street in the late 1950s. On the left is number 3, moving right numbers follow in sequence to 11 at the end of the row. Next, wall of Ind Coope and Allsop's beer bottling plant. The taller building with the chimney is the Aireton House clothing factory run by Frank R. Roberts and Co Ltd.
[internal reference; 2003424_30335635:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/2. No 90]
Aerial View looking East (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999. Looking towards East End Park, the image shows in the bottom left hand corner the junction of The Headrow and Park Row. The brown and white tower is Cavendish House, with Merton House on its right, both are on Albion Street. Behind these, in the distance are the 4 leaded domes of Kirkgate Market, behind that can be seen St. Saviour's Church and behind that an industrial works and chimneys. On the right is Leeds Parish Church and in the foreground is Gallery House on The Headrow, home of Templer bar.
[internal reference; 200325_79473514:MIL/37/27]
Aerial View looking South (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Colour image5th October 1999 The Italianate towers situated at Tower Works, Globe Road, Holbeck (the makers of needles and steel pins). The larger one, known as the Giotto Tower (1899), is based on a tower at the Florence Cathedral (1334). Its purpose was as an extract ventilation shaft. The smaller tower on the left is a chimney (1864) replicating a 12th century Lamberti tower in Verona. In the distance are rows of terraced houses in Holbeck.
[internal reference; 200325_53394717:MIL/37/7]
Aerial View looking South-West (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999 In the bottom left hand corner just seen is the award-winning glass fronted 15-16 Park Row, while above it stands West Riding House situated on Albion Street. In the middle is the steeple of Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, with on its right Albion Tower, the office block above Leeds Shopping Plaza. The brown building on the right with reflective windows is the Lloyd's TSB building. In the bottom right corner are the stripy chimneys of The Old Monk bar on Park Row.
[internal reference; 200325_40548342:MIL/37/13]
Aerial View, Great George Street (City Centre)
Colour image10th April 1990 Image shows a brick chimney on the roof edge of Alexander Court, student accommodation on Great George Street. On the left can be seen the Leonardo Building, once a printing works. C1975 it became part of the City of Leeds School before being redeveloped as Council Offices in 1998. On the right is the medieval style campanile of St. Anne's Cathedral.
[internal reference; 2005117_17818850:SLIP GREAT. 233]