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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial view of Leeds showing the City Station (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image17th September 1962. Aerial view over the city of Leeds showing Leeds City Station in the centre. To the left of it is the River Aire before it flows beneath the railway under the dark arches. In the bottom right-hand corner are the graving docks off the canal basin at Granary Wharf. The bridge over the canal at this point dates from 1841 and is situated at Office Lock next to the old Canal Office. Beyond where the canal and River Aire meet there is Victoria Bridge (right edge, centre) then following the bends of the river towards the top, Leeds Bridge is only just visible and in the top corner Crown Point Bridge can be seen clearly. Following the railway line from the top edge various landmarks can be seen. To the left at the top is the huge complex of Quarry Hill Flats, moving down there is Leeds Parish Church of St. Peter, then the dome of the Corn Exchange. To the left of the Corn Exchange is Kirkgate Market fronting Vicar Lane. To the right of the station is the former Tramways Depot on Swinegate. Below that, between Neville Street and the river, is the woollen mill at School Close which, in 1973, became the site of the Dragonara Hotel (now the Leeds Hilton). The line of light buildings across the top left-hand corner are on Eastgate and include Lewis's department store. They were part of Sir Reginald Blomfield's scheme of the 1930's. The grid pattern of streets comprising the city shopping areas can be seen including Vicar Lane, Briggate and Park Row. Wellington Street comes in from the bottom left-hand coner and following the line of it City Square is visible. At the bottom edge traffic is seen in Whitehall Road and the Whitehall Mills Complex.
[internal reference; 2009812_169341:D LIB Central (21)]
Canal Basin, Dark Arches (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999. View of the docks and Dark Arches with the Privilege Insurance company on the right and Hilton International Hotel also visible. An old barge can be seen on the canal dock.
[internal reference; 2002812_90627689:MIL 33/9]
Canal Basin, docks (City Centre)
Black & White image1977. View shows the docks at the Canal Basin, with the Dragonara Hotel (right, now the Hilton) and City House (centre, now Platform) seen in the background.
[internal reference; 2018822_176843:LEO 9175]
Clarence Dock, looking south east to Hunslet (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Clarence Docks taken in the 1970s, looking south east towards Hunslet. Clarence Dock or New Dock is the termination of the Aire & Calder navigation Canal of 1700. On the left, the small building belonging to the Sea cadets is visible. The Royal Armouries was sited to the right and opened in 1996. The area has recently been part of a regeneration scheme by the Crosby division of the Berkeley Group. It commenced in April 2002 and is expected to reach completion in 2007. Included in the development will be 900 apartments, 500,000 square feet of leisure space and 70,000 square feet of commercial space. The semi-derelict industrial landscape of this image has now disappeared. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Howden.
[internal reference; 200616_160242:LEO 840]
Dock Street, British Waterways Basin (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd September 1950. View of British Waterways basin at Dock Street showing barges tied up to wet dock under a large building. On the dockside is a loaded lorry, barrels and packing cases. There is a crane with a chain on each side of the dock.
[internal reference; 3012:CLIP Dock 2]