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Abbey Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White image11th April 1928 Abbey House Museum, formerly gatehouse to Kirkstall Abbey, became separated when road was laid in 1827. Formerly used as a residence, it was sold to Leeds City Council in 1925 and opened as a folk museum in July 1927. This view shows wall and railings to grounds. Tramlines in the road.
[internal reference; 200244_16592043:C LIC Abbey (8)]
Abbey Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White image24th September 1923 Looking at stretch of road, land which forms boundary owned by W. Plews and trustees of J.H. Denton. Dilapidated stone wall with gate post in view. Road is cobbled with tramlines.
[internal reference; 200244_37032717:C LIC Abbey (19)]
Abbey Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White image23rd December 1921 View of road widening in progress, work is being caried out on embankment, workmen have picks, shovels, ladders. A horse and cart is in the road, which is cobbled, with tramlines. Poles with overhead cabling for trams are visible. The wall to the right is the boundary of Kirkstall Forge Grounds.
[internal reference; 200244_39768618:C LIC Abbey (3)]
Abbey Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White image24th September 1923 Stretch of Abbey Road, bordered by land belonging to W. Plews and the trustees of J.H. Denton. The boundary wall is of broken stone. Workmen can be seen with a horse and cart. Road is cobbled with tramlines.
[internal reference; 200244_47721499:C LIC Abbey (18)]
Abbey Road (Kirkstall) (5 comments)
Black & White image16th February 1927 View of Abbey Road, with grounds of Abbey House Museum bounded by stone wall. The road is cobbled, with tramlines, standard pole carrying cabling for trams can be seen. Morris lane runs parallel to Abbey Road, on the right can be seen turret tower of large house on Morris Lane called Abbey Gorse. A light fall of snow is visible.
[internal reference; 200244_54246157:C LIC Abbey (7)]