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[1]Barrack Road (Chapeltown)
Barrack Road2nd December 1926 Old Guard House on Barrack Road, which ran between Chapeltown Road and Roundhay Road. Part of the old Chapeltown Cavalary Barracks.
[2]Barrack Street, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.1 (Sheepscar) (5 comments)
Barrack Street, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.129th May 1958 To the left is Barrack Street, with traffic waiting to move through the traffic lights. This is looking to Meanwood Road. The shop at the corner is number 1 Buslingthorpe Lane. The main road in the foreground is Chapeltown Road. Barrack Street was named after the extensive Cavalry Barracks which was situated a short distance away off Barrack Road.
[3]Barrack Street, nos.61-79 (Sheepscar)
Barrack Street, nos.61-791st August 1958 Barrack Street looking across towards the junction with Chapeltown Road, there were traffic lights to control the flow of traffic. This section of Barrack Street numbered from 61 on the left to 79 which is at the junction, seen here on the right.
[4]Briggate, central reservation, watercolour painting by Pete Lapish (City Centre) (3 comments)
Briggate, central reservation, watercolour painting by Pete Lapishc1954. Watercolour painting by Pete Lapish showing the central reservation in Briggate, looking in the direction of the Headrow. A queue of people are seen boarding the tram at the end where the driver is stationed. Although the central reservation has safety barriers for the boarding passengers a woman passenger is forced to alight from the rear of the tram and will have to negotiate the traffic. This tram is on route 2, a circular route. Route 2 travels up Chapeltown Road to Moortown Corner and back to the city centre via. Roundhay Park. The Horsfield tram on route 4, background, right, is heading for Kirkstall. Pete Lapish is inspired by his nostalgia for the Leeds tramways of his boyhood, when on dark, windy evenings in the winter the lamps would sway from the wires, casting huge shadows. He uses various sources to make accurate studies of Leeds street scenes from different periods. The sports shop of Thornton & Co Ltd., seen on the left at numbers 50 & 51 Briggate, holds particular memories for him as he used to covet the tennis raquets in the window near the tram stop. Adjacent, at numbers 52 & 53 Briggate, is Manfield & Sons Ltd., boot and shoe makers. More of Pete Lapish's images can be seen on his website www.petelapish.art
[5]Briggate, decorated for the Royal visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra (City Centre)
Briggate, decorated for the Royal visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra7th July 1908. Image shows Briggate elaborately decorated for the royal visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. They were to open a new wing of the University of Leeds after luncheon in the Lord Mayor's Rooms of the Town Hall. On arrival at the university they were received by the Chancellor, the Marquis of Ripon. The opening of the new electrical engineering building was marked by a 21 gun salute fired by the 41st Brigade R.F.A. On leaving the university the royal procession embarked on its journey to Harewood House, taking a route through the city via College Road, Woodhouse Lane, Cookridge Street, Park Row, Boar Lane, Briggate, North Street, Chapeltown Road and Harrogate Road.
[6]Buslingthorpe Court (Sheepscar)
Buslingthorpe Court31st July 1958 This section of Buslingthorpe Court was behind Chapeltown Road. At the end is a joiners yard, the business of S. Paul, joiner and builder.
[7]Buslingthorpe Court (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Buslingthorpe Court31st July 1958 Situated off Buslingthorpe Lane, just before the junction with Chapeltown Road. Derelict houses of varying style and age. In the centre are two stone cottages which were built before the neighbouring houses as the newer houses have overlapped their walls. Directly behind are houses on St. Michael's Square.
[8]Buslingthorpe Court, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.4 (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Buslingthorpe Court, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.431st July 1958 On the left edge is a shop which was 4 Buslingthorpe Lane. Looking across at the end of Buslingthorpe Court, from the left are numbers 19, 30 and 32, which is the back of the Prince of Wales Hotel. To the right edge is the junction with Chapeltown Road.
[9]Buslingthorpe Lane (Sheepscar)
Buslingthorpe Lane12th September 1958 Buslingthorpe Lane, looking to the junction and traffic lights with Barrack Street amd Chapeltown Road.
[10]Buslingthorpe Lane, no.4 (Sheepscar)
Buslingthorpe Lane, no.431st July 1958 View of Buslingthorpe Lane, shortly before the junction with Chapeltown Road. The shop number 4, is at the corner with Buslingthorpe Court. It was called Ensil Stores, selling groceries.
[11]Buslingthorpe, Aerial View (Buslingthorpe) (4 comments)
Buslingthorpe, Aerial View16th February 1988. Aerial view showing Scott Hall Road running diagonally across the centre. Left of Scott Hall Road are properties in Scott Hall Avenue laid out in 'boat' shape. Jutting out from the avenue into the green area is the Prince Philip Centre. The green area is the Philip Playing Fields. In the bottom right hand corner properties for older people in Scott Hall Drive snake round in an 's' shape. In the bottom left hand corner Scott Hall is visible. The view looks across to the Reginald's Sholebroke's and Mexborough's in Chapeltown, towards Chapeltown Road and Chapel Allerton.
[12]Cambridge Row (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Cambridge Row2nd October 1953. A house and off license facing number 60 Chapeltown Road. Advertisements for Tetleys, Hey's Gold Cup and Guinness ales are on the shop. Number 60 is another off licence, selling Combe's Nut Brown Ale. A poster for the film 'Harvey' is in front.
[13]Chapel Allerton Hospital, aerial view (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Chapel Allerton Hospital, aerial viewUndated. Aerial view centred on Chapel Allerton Hospital, situated on both sides of Harehills Lane which runs down from towards the top left to the bottom centre. At the top left is the junction of Harehills Lane with, clockwise from left, Chapeltown Road, Potternewton Lane, Harrogate Road, King George Avenue and Gledhow Park Drive. On the bottom to the left of Harehills Lane is Newton Road and to the right Roxholme Grove. Gledhow Park Avenue is seen on the far right.
[14]Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground, Bandstand (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground, BandstandUndated. View of the bandstand in Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground. The photograph has been tinted to give an artist's impression of the newly painted bandstand. Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground covered an area of between 6 and 7 acres and was purchased by the council in 1897. It was opened in a special ceremony held on 2nd July 1900 presided over by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Ald. John Gordon. In the early years the committee decided to reorganise the space so as to provide more grassed areas for children to play, reducing the size of the original ornamental gardens. A bowling green was also laid out. The park could be accessed by people travelling the tram route along Chapeltown Road and Regent Street.
[15]Chapel Allerton, Recreation Ground, Bandstand (Chapel Allerton)
Chapel Allerton, Recreation Ground, Bandstandc late 1890s. View of the bandstand, possibly photographed when it was newly built, in Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground. The council purchased the site for the park in 1897 and it covered an area of between 6 and 7 acres. The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Ald. John Gordon officially opened Chapel Allerton Recreation Ground on 2nd July, 1900. It was conveniently situated for visitors taking the tram route along Chapeltown Road and Regent Street. In the early years the space was redesigned to include more grassed areas for children as well as a bowling green. This meant that some of the original ornamental flower beds anbd shrubberies were sacrificed.
[16]Chapeltown Barracks, Plan (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Chapeltown Barracks, PlanUndated image. Situated to both sides of Chapeltown Road, freehand drawing of Chapeltown barracks. Built in 1820 on an 11 acre site, the barracks cost £28,000. The building were demolished in 1988.
[17]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road5th October 1934. View of Newton Parade, situated opposite St. Mary's Road. Single storey shop units with date 1931. Variety of businesses, including Lewis's catering. Road part tarmac, part cobbles, with tramlines.
[18]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road5th October 1934. Part of Newton Parade, shops built 1931. One to let, other horticultural stores, advertising in window includes, 'Sunshine Fertilizer' and 'Sprats' dog food. View looking from St. Mary's Road.
[19]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road16th April 1935 View across Chapeltown Road from Cowper Street, looking at Savile Service Station and garage. Art Decor building, petrol pumps, signs and van on forecourt can be seen. Clearance area to right, for shops. Tramlines in road.
[20]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown) (8 comments)
Chapeltown Road16th April 1935 View across Chapeltown Road from Cowper Street, looking at Savile Service station and garage Art Deco building, petrol pumps, signs, and vehicles can be seen. Clearance area on right for building of shops. Tramlines in road.
[21]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown) (2 comments)
Chapeltown Road9th February 1933. Looking along the Chapeltown Road. Tram tracks are visible. On left, wall perimeter of Newton Park Estate. Notice advises that it will be premises for 'Newton Park Preparatory School for Boys'.
[22]Chapeltown Road (Chapeltown) (9 comments)
Chapeltown RoadUndated, View looking north of Chapeltown Road. On the left is a horse and cart with the words 'Willow Grove' on the back. Tram lines are visible on the cobbled road. On the right are stone walls and gateways.
[23]Chapeltown Road (Sheepscar) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road15th Bovember 1968 View looking north, north-west from Sheepscar. Left to right 'Number Seven Antiques', 'S.A. Jackson, Chemists', 'Grosvenor Electrics', 'Shoe Box', 'Alans Radio'. Church visible in the background. Traffic can be seen busy and clearly in the foreground. Beacons for zebra crossing can be seen. Electric lamp posts visible.
[24]Chapeltown Road (Sheepscar) (2 comments)
Chapeltown Road3rd July 1948 Picture shows number 33 Chapeltown Road, the premises of 'R. Hall, Fried Fish Dealer', next door is a newsagents with 'Cadburys', 'Nutalls Mintoes', 'Persil' and 'Puritan Soap', all advertised in the window. A sign above the shop says, 'Players Navy Cut, Tobacco and Cigarettes'. Whitley Court is visible to the right of the photo. A baby is sat in a pram looking into the shop in the foreground.
[25]Chapeltown Road (Sheepscar) (8 comments)
Chapeltown Road12th November 1968. View looking south towards Sheepscar from the end of Chapeltown Road. There is a queue of traffic in the centre of the photo. On the left is City Garages, advertising Bedford, Velox, Cresta and Vauxhall cars. The garage also has a school of motoring. Next door is the Pointer pub, selling Magnet Ales. In the distance can be seen a National petrol station, with Appleyard of Leeds Ltd. garage behind. On the right is a parade of shops with some pedestrians in front. A policeman is directing traffic further along.
[26]Chapeltown Road area, following demolition (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Chapeltown Road area, following demolitionUndated. View of a site off Chapeltown Road where terraced housing has been demolished as part of the slum clearance of the area. An overturned sofa is among the rubble. St. Clement's Church is in the background; this was also later demolished. Behind this a gasholder is visible.
[27]Chapeltown Road area, following demolition (Sheepscar) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road area, following demolitionUndated. View of a site off Chapeltown Road where a large area of terraced housing has been demolished as part of a major redevelopment of the area. St. Clement's Church, on the left, is still standing here but this too was shortly to be demolished. Much of the area is now taken up with Thomas Danby College and playing fields.
[28]Chapeltown Road no. 176 (Chapeltown) (5 comments)
Chapeltown Road no. 1762nd February 1954 View from Reginald Street junction across Chapeltown Road to number 176, Reginald Stores on the corner with Back Newton Grove.
[29]Chapeltown Road no. 307 (Chapeltown) (5 comments)
Chapeltown Road no. 30713th April 1948. Number 307 Chapeltown Road, the Zionist Society. A long path leads up to a terraced row. Number 307 has a sign reading, "Agudas Hazionim Synagogue". Further along at number 311 is B. Marsden, decorator. St Martin's Church is just visible on the right.
[30]Chapeltown Road no. 54, Taylor Bros. (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road no. 54,  Taylor Bros.10th November 1949. Frontage of Taylor Bros, tailors on Chapeltown Road. Premises on ground floor belongs to Sherman's Pools Ltd. Part of chemist shop belonging to C.A. Benjamin can be seen to the right, and Edith Walden, ladies hairdresser, to the left. Photograph has been taken to illustrate before and after of work on first floor, where an extra window has been added in picture number CLIP Taylor 2.
[31]Chapeltown Road no. 54, Taylor Bros. (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road no. 54, Taylor Bros.24th November 1949. View of frontage of Taylor Bros, tailors, a few days after a window has been added to first floor. See photo ref. number CLIP Taylor 3 for 'before' photo. Shermans Pools are occupying the ground floor, with C.A. Benjamin, dispensing chemist to the right, and Edith Walden, ladies hairdresser, to the left.
[32]Chapeltown Road no. 83, St Michaels Square (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road no. 83, St Michaels Square31st July 1958 Number 83 Chapeltown Road is on the left, a grocers and off-licence, the business of Muriel Walker. There are painted wall signs for Tetley's beer and Hammerton Stout. The perimeter wall and entrance to St. Michaels Square can be seen, with one side of the square.
[33]Chapeltown Road no.60 Geoffrey Simpson (Chapeltown) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road no.60 Geoffrey Simpson02/10/1953. View of shops on Chapeltown Road. To left of photo can be seen Cambridge Row, with Geoffrey Simpson grocery shop on the corner at no. 60 Chapeltown Road. Next door is Dearden Bros Ltd, painters at no.58. The road on the right of this is Cambridge Terrace. A woman pushing a pram can be seen in the foreground, adverts in the shop window for Tetley, Guiness, Oxo and Gold cup ale.
[34]Chapeltown Road nos. 111 - 117 (Chapeltown) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 111 - 11726th September 1949.Numbers 111 to 117 Chapeltown Road on the West side. Shops shown are, 'D. Flockton, radio and electrical repairs', 'H.L. Horris, tailor', 'L. Margel, poultry dealer', 'Waldenberg and Gorwits, furnishers' and 'Leopold Stores'. A van is parked in front. Tramlines are visible.
[35]Chapeltown Road nos. 213 - 221 (Chapeltown) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 213 - 2214th January 1954. View shows numbers 213 to 221 Chapeltown Road. 'Cookes Tobacconist', 'Isaacs Fruit Shop', 'Steinbergs Poultry', 'Smuckler Provisions'. Newstands on the corner of Mexborough Avenue. Kingston Club visible.
[36]Chapeltown Road nos. 213 & 215 (Chapeltown) (7 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 213 & 2154th January 1954. The west side of Chapeltown Road at the junction with Mexborough Avenue. Shown are numbers 213 and 215. Shops include 'Cookes Tobacconists and Newsagents', and 'Isaacs Fruit Shop'. On the left is the Kingston Unity Club. Several newspaper boards are visible. On the left is a telephone box.
[37]Chapeltown Road nos. 307 - 311 (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Chapeltown Road nos. 307 - 31113th April 1948. View shows numbers 307 to 311 Chapeltown Road. Agudas Hazionim Synagogue, St Marys Terrace, B. Marsden Decorator.
[38]Chapeltown Road nos. 32, 34 (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 32, 34December 1902 Chapeltown Road, junction with Tramway Street, which has number 34 above shop, belonging to J.W. Everingham, butcher. Clement Garritt, dealer in game and poultry, with display of goods in window, is number 32. It would appear that his premises have been moved from boarded up shop to left. Gas lamp on street corner.
[39]Chapeltown Road nos. 58 and 60 (Chapeltown) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 58 and 602nd October 1953 Numbers 60(on the left) and 58 Chapeltown Road, showing Cambridge Terrace on the right and Cambridge Row on the left. Shops shown are Geoffrey Simpson's grocers shop at no.60 and , and 'Dearden Bros Ltd. Painters and Decorators' at no. 58.. Advertisements for 'Hey's Gold Cup Ale' and 'Guiness' are visible.
[40]Chapeltown Road nos. 95 - 117 (Chapeltown) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 95 - 11726th September 1949 Numbers 95 to 117 Chapeltown Road on the West side. Shops include; The Ivrit Kosher Restaurant; Dobkin's Chemist; Annie Rubin, Poultry Dealer; Abram's Butchers; Capel Stores; Poole's Confectioners; D. Flockton, Electrical Repairs; Harris Tailors and L. Margel, Poultry Dealers. A car and a van are parked on the road, which has tramlines.
[41]Chapeltown Road nos. 95 - 117 (Chapeltown) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road nos. 95 - 11726th September 1949. View shows numbers 95 to 117 on the west side of Chapeltown Road. Shops visible from left to right are Walkers removals; Ivrit restaurant; Dobkin's chemist; A. Rubin poultry dealers; Abram's butchers; Capel stores; Pooles confectioners; D. Flockton electrical repairs; Harris tailors; Margel poultry dealers; Waldenberg and Gorwits furnishers and Leopold Stores. Cars and tramlines are visible.
[42]Chapeltown Road showing tramlines (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road showing tramlinesc1934. View of Chapeltown Road showing tramlines. This was route 2 to Potternewton, Chapeltown, Moortown, Street Lane and Roundhay Park. Trams went from Briggate, by way of North Street, Chapeltown Road and Harrogatae Road.
[43]Chapeltown Road, Agudas Hazionim Synagogue (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road, Agudas Hazionim Synagogue13th April 1948 Picture shows numbers 307 and 311 Chapeltown Road. Number 307 is the Agudas Hazionim Synagogue. With 'St Marys Terrace' 309 and the premises of 'B.Marsden Decorators' at 311.
[44]Chapeltown Road, Appleyards garage, Lady Docker's Daimler (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road, Appleyards garage, Lady Docker1955. View shows a gold-plated Daimler belonging to socialite Lady Docker which was in for service at Appleyards garage at the junction of Chapeltown Road and North Street. Lady Docker, born Norah Royce Turner, was well known for her extravagant lifestyle and was married three times to company executives, most notably to Sir Bernard Docker, chairman of the Daimler Motor Company. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[45]Chapeltown Road, at Junction with Sheepscar Street North (Sheepscar) (6 comments)
Chapeltown Road, at Junction with Sheepscar Street North16th July 1957. View of Chapeltown Road at junction with Sheepscar Street North.Meanwood Road in background. 'Arnold Wilson's Garage' and 'Mosley's Rent Collectors' visible. Two cars, tramlines and cables .'To Harrogate' signs visible.
[46]Chapeltown Road, Cantors Fish & Chip Shop (Chapeltown) (19 comments)
Chapeltown Road, Cantors Fish & Chip Shop7th October 1940. View of Cantors fish & Chip Shop on Chapeltown Road. Sign in window states `Open business as usual during blackout`. House on right appears to be selling cigarettes and chocolate through an open window.
[47]Chapeltown Road, Chapeltown Enterprise Centre (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road, Chapeltown Enterprise CentreUndated View of Chapeltown Enterprise Centre on Chapeltown Road, which offers a business advisory service as well as providing 17 business units for retail, workshop and office use.
[48]Chapeltown Road, chemist (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Chapeltown Road, chemistUndated. Photograph taken around 1940 of Phillips Dispensing Chemist which was at 168 Chapeltown Road. Ethel Lewis, hair stylist and beautician can be seen above.
[49]Chapeltown Road, cigarette machine (Chapeltown) (3 comments)
Chapeltown Road, cigarette machine5th August 1939. In main view is the back of a cigarette machine on Chapeltown Road. To the left of the photo is a parked car, and a woman standing on the pavement. Across the road are some 3 storied houses. Near the cigarette machine is a tram stop.
[50]Chapeltown Road, day of the Leeds West Indian Carnival (Chapeltown)
Chapeltown Road, day of the Leeds West Indian Carnival25th August 1980. Crowds are gathered in Chapeltown Road on August Bank Holiday Monday, (25th August, 1980) to view the procession of the thirteenth West Indian Carnival to be held in Leeds since its beginnings in 1967. A group of youngsters have claimed a higher vantage point on top of a bus shelter. The procession was to leave Potternewton Park at 2pm to follow a route along Harehills Lane, Roundhay Road, Barrack Road, Chapeltown Road and Harehills Avenue before entering the park again for the judging of the elaborate and colourful costumes of the troupes and individuals, and of the steel bands. In the background are shops and businesses in Chapeltown Road, including Dispensing Chemist, D.A. Taylor, addressed as New Savile Parade, 139 Chapeltown Road, and Warsaw Stores, Delicatessen and Barbecue at number 151 Chapeltown Road. On carnival day the Polish Warsaw Stores did a brisk trade in salami, ice cream, crips and cool beers.