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Abbey House Museum, Hartley & Green Shop (Kirkstall)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows the Hartley & Green shop in the Victorian street reconstruction in Abbey House Museum. Hartley & Green originally ran a shop in Hunslet dating back to 1770. They sold Leeds Pottery from the Hunslet Works, here visible in the window. Creamware was a fire-glazed pottery noted for its intricate, pierced patterning and decorative detail. These goods were exported throughout Europe. The Hunslet Works closed in 1881 and despite being reopened by Leeds City Council in 1983 it again closed for good in 1986. The original Hartley & Green pattern books for the Leeds Pottery were donated to Leeds Libraries and are housed at the Central Library.
[internal reference; 2004311_71903628:T LIHA Abbey (12)]
Aerial View looking East (City Centre) (4 comments)
Colour image5th October 1999. View overlooking City Centre looking east to front of photograph is central library with 'The Light' complex beyond that view is looking down Headrow and a power station can just be seen in the far distance on the right.
[internal reference; 2002812_13320559:MIL 36/21A]
Aerial View looking North-East (City Centre) (2 comments)
Colour image5th October 1999. Taken from the roof of Leeds Central Library, view shows the Leonardo Building in the foreground and the College of Technology on the left. Behind the Leonardo Building (from 1975 part of the City of Leeds School, and now Leeds City Council offices) can be seen the white walls of Merrion Shopping Centre, behind this is the Halifax Building and then Carlton (residential) Towers with Tower House further forward on the left. The twin green domes in the centre belong to the Thoresby Building, part of the former City of Leeds School. The building behind was formerly the Central High School which amalgamated with Thoresby High School for girls in 1972 to become the City of Leeds School. They are both presently in use by Leeds City Council. The grey tower block on the right is again Merrion Shopping Centre while the stone tower on the right is St. Anne's Cathedral.
[internal reference; 200325_18989199:MIL/37/23]
Aerial View, including Civic Hall, Town Hall (City Centre) (9 comments)
Black & White image1947 This aerial view looks across the administrative heart of Leeds City Centre. In the centre of the left edge the Gothic Revival style frontage of Leeds General Infirmary can be seen, facing onto Great George Street. Two of the original carved stone and brick wings designed by G.G. Scott are visible, completed in 1868. Another wing was added by G. Corson in 1892 with the more modern Brotherton Wing extending the hospital site to Calverley Street completed in 1940. The semi-circular balconies on the end of this wing are clearly visible. Moving right is the portland stone Civic Hall, designed by E.V. Harris, the hall was opened in 1933 by King George V and Queen Mary. Continuing right, the Leeds Institute is visible, recognisable by the roof of its centrally positioned circular lecture hall. Designed by C. Brodrick for the Leeds Mechanics Institute completed in 1868. Moving forwards towards the right edge is St Anne's Cathedral. In front of this, construction work is being carried out to extend the corner block of the Leeds Permanent Building Society (1930), which is just out of view, to its present site. The block of properties which follow to the left of this development are the Municipal Buildings (1884). These buildings originally housed civic offices along with Leeds Central Library. The first floor became the City of Leeds Police Headquarters and Criminal Investigation Department in 1934 with cells for prisoners created in the basement. The Leeds City Museum took over this floor in 1966 but moved out when the building closed for refurbishment between 1999 and 2000. It is now the home of Leeds Central Library. In the centre with a relatively flat facade, is the Leeds City Art Gallery established in 1888 when reading rooms within the Municipal Buildings were converted to a sculpture gallery. The present entrance (not in view) was the result of extensions and alterations made in 1982. Directly in front of these buildings is Centenary Street which was pedestrianised and paved over when the Garden of Remembrance and Victoria Gardens were enlarged. Victoria Gardens was created between 1936 and 1937 when the War Memorial was transferred there from City Square. On the right of this block is the site of what is now the Henry Moore Institute. This museum was converted from the three 19th century wool merchants offices seen here and opened in 1982. Opposite the Municipal Buildings, across Centenary Street and The Headrow is a pale coloured building which, like the Civic Hall is constructed from Portland Stone. This is Pearl Chambers and was built in 1910 as the premises of Pearl Life Assurance. A statue of its founder Patrick James Foley, stands on the roof. To the left of Pearl Chambers across East Parade, the back of the Jubilee Hotel is visible. This hotel was built in 1904 of Burmantofts terracotta and faces the Town Hall, designed by Cuthbert Brodrick and built from locally sourced gritstone. Building began in 1853, with the tower and dome following in 1857. The Town Hall was officially opened by Queen Victoria in 1858 although was not completed until 1860 when a bell was hung in the tower. The Town Hall was cleaned and restored in 1971, returning to its original glory. Victoria Square is situated in front of the building. The Square was altered in 1937 when the steps of the Town Hall were changed from the original bow shape to straight. Finally continuing left over Oxford Place is the Oxford Place Methodist Chapel. The foundation stone was laid in 1835 and the Chapel opened later that year. Sunday School buildings on Oxford Row were added in 1841. Refaced between 1896 and 1903, the Chapel suffered serious fire damage in 1911. Oxford Place Chambers, to the right of the church entrance on Oxford Place, is now the home of several counselling services including Relate.
[internal reference; 20031021_1594179:D LIB Park (10)]
Aireborough Leisure Centre, The Green (Guiseley)
Colour imageOctober 2003 Aireborough Leisure Centre, the Green, seen here from the car park. Built in the late 1960s this building houses many opportunities to partake in physical activity. The Sports Hall incorporates a Bodyline gym and facilities for football, badminton, basketball and squash. There is also a 25 metre pool and a climbing wall.
[internal reference; 20031222_14182680:Community Photographs (Pack 3) no. 18]
Alexander Street, rear of Municipal Buildings. (City Centre)
Colour image19th April 2007. View of Alexander Street showing, on the left, the rear of the Municipal Buildings, home to the Central Library. on the right, across Calverley Street, is a side view of the Town Hall.
[internal reference; 2007123_165522:CL 2007 / Pack 4/18]
Allerton High School, King Lane (Moortown) (8 comments)
Colour image2003 Allerton High School, off King Lane, with access road to entrance.
[internal reference; 2004113_56737918:Community (Pack 6) no. 8]
Allerton High School, King Lane (Moortown)
Colour image2003 Allerton High School, opened in the late 1930s, situated off King Lane.
[internal reference; 2004113_99500675:Community (Pack 6) no. 7]
Alwoodley Primary School, Cranmer Rise (Moortown) (3 comments)
Colour image2003 Alwoodley Primary School, situated off King Lame on Cranmer Rise. To the left of the school is a grassed area with children's play equipment.
[internal reference; 2004113_41779727:Community (Pack 6) no. 9]
Ark Royal Parade, Ark Royal Guard (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 In this view, two rows of sailors from the Ark Royal Guard are visible. Each sailor has a rifle mounted with a bayonet. The Guard's uniform is distinguished from the rest of the crew by having a white belt and white gaiters around the ankles. Other crew members can be seen in the background to the left. A Lieutenant stands in front of the Guard towards the right. View looks in the direction of Calverley Street towards the entrance of the Brotherton Wing of Leeds General Infirmary.
[internal reference; 2004114_86008853:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 4]
Ark Royal Parade, Ark Royal Guard, March Past (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows members of the Ark Royal Guard as they perform a March Past. The March Past was taken by The Lord Mayor and Captain Nance OBE. The Ark Royal Guard wear white belts and gaiters and carry rifle mounted bayonets.
[internal reference; 2004114_34049624:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 25]
Ark Royal Parade, Briggate, Non-Commissioned Officers, Junior Ratings (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 The Crew of the Ark Royal exercising their right to parade through the City of Leeds on the 30th Anniversary of the granting of this Freedom. View shows junior ratings officers from the crew wearing full ceremonial dress, led by a Lieutenant Commander seen on the right. Officers have badges on their right arms which denote their particular job. Rank would be displayed on their left arms. The parade marches along Briggate past the junction with Albion Street.
[internal reference; 2004114_80353946:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 18]
Ark Royal Parade, Briggate, Royal Navy Association, British Legion (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows veterans from the Royal Navy Association and the British Legion as they march up Briggate. These men and women, many of them decorated with numerous medals, are taking part in a ceremonial parade celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ark Royal being granted Freedom of the City of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004114_77715701:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 20]
Ark Royal Parade, Briggate, TS Ark Royal Sea Cadets (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows a platoon of TS Ark Royal Sea Cadets taking part in a parade through the City of Leeds to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Ark Royal being granted the Freedom of the City. These Sea Cadets are based at Leeds Lock, Armouries Way on the River Aire. The platoon is lead by a Platoon Commander seen towards the left. Behind her is a Royal Marines Cadet Corporal, with a white belt and a red band around his peaked cap. On the left, walking alongside the cadets is Royal Marine Cadet Captain Ian Slavin. The platoon marches along Briggate where H. Samuel, jewellers, Monsoon, ladieswear and Alliance and Leicester building society are visible.
[internal reference; 2004114_57444400:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 19]
Ark Royal Parade, Calverley Street, Ark Royal Guard, Town Hall (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows members of the Ark Royal Guard marching past the Town Hall as they turn onto Calverley Street. Officers wore ceremonial dress for the parade which took place on the 30th Anniversary of the Ark Royal being granted the Freedom of the City of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004114_57984561:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 23]
Ark Royal Parade, Calverley Street, March Past (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows the Ark Royal Parade, led by the Royal Marines Band, carrying out a March Past Salute which is taken by Captain Adrian Nance OBE and the Lord Mayor Councillor Neil Taggart (both visible on the left).
[internal reference; 2004114_86382693:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 27]
Ark Royal Parade, Civic Guests, Mace Bearer (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View looks across the Civic Hall steps where special guests attending the Ark Royal parade are positioned. Towards the left is the Mace Bearer for the City of Leeds, Mrs John Wilson, in full ceremonial dress carrying the Mace. Seated guests include the Chaplain of the Ark Royal on the right. Behind a row of commissioned officers are saluting. These officers are Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders of the ship.
[internal reference; 2004114_6173342:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 6]
Ark Royal Parade, Colour Guard, White Ensign (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows crew members from the Ark Royal preparing to exercise their right to parade through the City of Leeds. Senior and junior ratings officers are visible to the left with the Ark Royal Guard to the right. At the head of the Guard are the three members of the Colour Guard. The central Colour Guard carries the White Ensign which is the ceremonial flag of the Royal Navy.
[internal reference; 2004114_68845767:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 16]
Ark Royal Parade, Commissioned Officers (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 View shows Commissioned Officers from the Ark Royal in full ceremonial dress decorated with medals. Officers are lined up outside the Civic Hall. This ceremony was held as the crew of the Ark Royal exercised their right to parade through the City of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004114_31711978:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 12]
Ark Royal Parade, Helicopter Fly Past (City Centre)
Colour image21st November 2003 The Ark Royal was granted the Freedom of the City of Leeds in October 1973 after a long history of association between the Ship and the City. The Ark Royal was adopted by Leeds for one of the Goverment sponsored 'Warship Weeks' in the early 1940s. In response to the sinking of the third Ark Royal, citizens raised over £9 million for the building of the replacement vessel. This view shows a commemorative flypast marking the 30th anniversary of the Ships Freedom. To the left is a Seaking helicopter with a Merlin to the right.
[internal reference; 2004114_49712771:Ark Royal Photographs 2003, no. 17]