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Burial Ground, St Bartholomew's Church (Armley)
Black & White image2nd June 1965. In the background of this view are the blind backs of properties on Cricketers Place. In the foreground are gravestones in the burial ground of St. Bartholomew's C. of E. Church showing various styles and shapes. The church was consecrated in 1877.
[internal reference; 200399_76432437:WYAS Tong Road(Strawberry Road)Box 108, no. 174]
Burial Ground, St Bartholomew's Church (Armley)
Black & White image2nd June 1965. View shows five gravestones in St. Bartholomew's Church burial ground, with the backs of houses on Cricketers Place in the background. The stone third from the right reads 'John Whiteley' who was born in 1838 and it is also the grave of his daughter Mary (b.1869). On the far right, the stone reads 'In Remeberance of Martha, the beloved wife of David Ellis of Armley who died... 1895 aged 74 years. Also, of five children who died in infancy, also, of Sarah, daughter of the above'. According to the 1881 census, Sarah Ellis was born in 1869. Also mentioned is Ephriam Ellis, David and Martha's son who was born in 1871 and died in 1927.
[internal reference; 200399_82677859:WYAS Tong Road(Strawberry Road)Box 108, no. 176]
Cricketers Place (Armley)
Black & White image28th May 1965. Photograph looks from Southfield View onto back to back houses on Cricketers Place. Numbers run to the right in descending order from number 20 in the centre which has a pram parked outside. A car is parked in the street and an outside toilet block is visible between numbers 16 & 14.
[internal reference; 200395_16550845:WYAS Tong Road(Strawberry Road)Box 108, no.92]
Cricketers Place no. 27 (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White image31st May 1965. On the left edge of this view, part of number 25 Cricketers Place is visible. In the centre is number 27, a large, decorative building. On the gable end is a straight-edged bay window with double, arched windows above, then an attic window on the top floor. The boundary wall of St Bartholomew's Church grounds can be seen on the right edge.
[internal reference; 200398_76174563:WYAS Tong Road(Strawberry Road)Box 108 No.116]
Cricketers Place nos. 1, 3 (Armley) (2 comments)
Black & White image31st May 1965. View looks from Wesley Road onto properties on Cricketers Place. In the background is part of St Bartholomew's School, with the spire of the church in the background. Number 1 Cricketers Place is visible in the centre with number 3 following to the right. A dog lies on the pavement.
[internal reference; 200398_11668032:WYAS Tong Road(Strawberry Road)Box 108 No.109]