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Location - Leeds & District

Brown Lane East, from Crosby Road, looking east (Holbeck)
Colour image24th January 2010. View of Brown Lane East looking east towards Top Moor Side from the junction with Crosby Road. This area of terraced housing is scheduled for redevelopment and houses on the left look to be in the early stages of demolition. Numbers run in descending order from 26 on the left.
[internal reference; 2010513_170710:LEO 5017]
Brown Lane East, nos.24-26, demolition (Holbeck)
Colour image24th January 2010. View shows terraced housing on the north side of Brown Lane East in the early stages of demolition. Houses are numbered 26 to 24, from left. Crosby Road runs up on the left with the next street up being Runswick Place. This whole area of terraced housing near Top Moor Side is scheduled for redevelopment.
[internal reference; 2010517_170715:LEO 5022]
Brown Lane, number 33, Jack Radford, butcher (Holbeck) (9 comments)
Black & White imageC1947-1948. Image shows the premises of Jack Radford, butcher at number 33 Brown Lane. Signs are displayed in the window for lamb, beef and pork. Also, another sign reads 'Re-register here now! Old and New Customers are welcome. Our Aim - Fair shares and smiling service!' The registration is thought to refer to Food ration coupons. Next door is number 31, the grocery store of Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Ethel Rider. It stands at the junction with Crosby Road and Shafton Lane. These shop properties are through with yards on to Recreation Grove at the rear.
[internal reference; 20081111_167854:LEO 3485a]
Crosby Road, Brown Lane East and Recreation Grove (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Colour image24th January 2010. View of Crosby Road between the junctions with Brown Lane East and Recreation Grove. Two closed and boarded-up shops form the end of a row of back-to-back terraced housing, no.29 Brown Lane East on the left and 28 Recreation Grove on the right. On the far left, demolition has started on nos.26 and 24 Brown Lane East; the whole area is included in a redevelopment scheme which will see the demolition of many of these houses.
[internal reference; 2010513_170696:LEO 5003]
Crosby Road, from Elland Road junction (Holbeck)
Colour image24th January 2010. View looking north along Crosby Road from the junction with Elland Road. This is part of an area of terraced housing scheduled for redevelopment with some of the houses due to be demolished.
[internal reference; 2010518_170727:LEO 5034]