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Dib Lane (Oakwood) (1 comment)
Black & White image10th December 1935 The building on the left is a new block of shops, some finished and occupied and some still under construction as can be seen by the tools around the small shed. In the top and right distance are parts of a housing estate. There is a woman and a small boy standing at the shops and a man further away. A car is parked near several large, mature trees.
[internal reference; 10016:CLIC Dibb 5]
Dib Lane (Oakwood) (4 comments)
Black & White image10th December 1935. Beyond the row of mature trees there is a block of brick built shops, some are completed and occupied and some are still under construction. There is a concrete mixer and other building paraphernalia, including a tool shed. A pile of railway sleepers stand in the foreground. On the left are more trees and a road sign. Three cars are parked at the junction.
[internal reference; 10017:CLIC Dibb 6]
Dib Lane (Oakwood) (3 comments)
Black & White image8th February 1936 This view along a frosty Dib Lane shows, on the right, part of a housing estate. The houses are brick built with wooden paling fences and hedges. On the left a stone wall separates the road from the land beyond. A large number of mature trees stand behind the wall.
[internal reference; 10018:CLIC Dibb 7]
Dib Lane (Oakwood) (3 comments)
Black & White image8th February 1936 This view along a frosty Dib lane shows on the left part of a housing estate. To the right a low cottage with a long stone wall seperates the pavement from meadow land. Behind the wall can be seen several large and mature trees. A street lamp stands on the pavement and some telegraph poles are visible.
[internal reference; 10019:CLIC Dibb 8]
Dib Lane (Oakwood) (7 comments)
Black & White image20th July 1936. Shops on the south side of Dib Lane. Elaine, ladies hairdresser, Atkinson, greengrocer, Ward and Son confectioners with goods in the window.
[internal reference; 1181:CLIB Dibb]