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Albion Street and Guildford Street (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows the junction of Albion Street (left) and Guildford Street. Ye Olde Tobacconists Shoppe is on the corner with posters advertising tobacco products. A wine and beer shop is on the right hand side, then Allen and Bell boots and shoes and Mellor's dress and trimming warehouse. On the left of the tobacconists are the Leeds and Yorkshire Incandescent Company, mantles, and Mabel and Florence Smith, artists and photographers. From the Whiteley Collection, photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
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Albion Street and the new Headrow, showing the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society's Headquarters (City Centre)
Black & White image1930. Photograph showing the junction of Albion Street to the left and the newly created Headrow to the right. Prior to road widening this section of The Headrow had been known as Guildford Street. New plans for the road alterations were put forward in 1924, which meant that the former premises, on the opposite corner at number 96 Albion Street, had to be demolished. The Leeds and Holbeck Building Society acquired this site for £42,500 and it was previously occupied by very old 'one decker' shops. The new headquarters opened on 12th March 1930.
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Albion Street at the junction with Guildford Street (City Centre)
Black & White image1930, Photograph showing the junction of Albion Street to the left and Guildford Street. Guildford Street was later to be renamed as The Headrow after road widening took place in the 1930s. The former premises of the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society can be seen in the background, although it was shortly to be cleared. In 1924 plans were being made to widen the Headrow and the demolition of this building was inevitable. The Leeds and Holbeck bought old property on the south-west corner of Albion Street and built a new Headquarters there in 1930.
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Albion Street nos. 105 - 109 (City Centre)
Black & White image14th September 1927 Junction with Guildford Street (Headrow). Commercial Hotel can be seen. Number 109 Albion Street, John Pickering printer. Number 107, Avison's Studio, Edwin Avison photographer, number 105 premises used by Patent Chimney Pot Company. Whose posters are visible, Allied News Ltd, poster for 'Daily Despatch' and the Antique Reproduction Silver Plate manufacturers. A yard between properties has two parked cars. Studio has ornamental wood frontage.
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Albion Street, numbers 96 to 104, at the junction with Guildford Street (City Centre)
Black & White image14th October 1928. View of number 96 Albion Street at the junction with Guildford Street, the premises of Leeds and Holbeck Permanent Building Society. (This section of Guildford street was renamed The Headrow after the road widening which took place in the 1930s.) At number 98 (Upper floors of 96) were James Charles, Land and Estate Agent, M. Scott and Turnbull, Solicitors, Henry Foster White, Accountant and Greenwood Estates Co. Ltd. At number 100 was Harry R. Howell, Window Blind Maker, at number 102 was William Allen Benger, Electrical Engineer, then at 102 to 104 was E.G.S. and Co. Ltd. Electrical Engineers, shop name Electrical and General Stores Ltd.
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