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Location - Leeds & District

Hunslet Road, E.J. Arnold (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image3rd March 1980 The photo shows E J Arnold and Sons, printers, who had factory on the site of John Fowler and co., Steam Engine works. Now Costco warehouse has replaced this factory. To the right of the print works is the Mulberry public house. The area to the right was utilised by WASS garage for car parking space.
[internal reference; 2004728_39593142:S LIC HUNS 4]
John Fowler and Company Limited, interior (Hunslet) (18 comments)
Black & White image29th September 1961 Interior of factory of John Fowler and Company Limited, engineers on Leathley Road. This Leeds firm had origins in the 1850s and became a leading manufacturer of tractors and diesel shunting locomotives. In the photograph two workers queue for a cup of tea during their break.
[internal reference; 2002911_2839297:WYAS 83]
Leeds City Tramways Electricity Generating Station, interior view (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1897 Interior of the engine room at the Leeds City Tramways Electricity Generating Station situated at Crown Point. The engine in view was built by John Fowler & Co. of Leeds. The generating station was built in 1897 to provide power for the burgeoning electric tramway system in the city.
[internal reference; 201294_173992:S LISBH ELEC 2]
Stator and Steam tractor (City Centre)
Black & White image22nd May 1941. View of 2 18 ton Fowler steam tractors pulling 105 ton stator (special purpose equipment for electrical motors) over Wellington bridge. John Fowler ran his Hunslet factory (Fowler and Hewitson) from 1860 manufacturing his invention of steam Plough. It later produced concrete mixers, construction and generating equipment.
[internal reference; 2002819_47967166:C LIU FOWLER (1)]
Tender Street no. 32 (Hunslet)
Black & White image31st July 1959 Number 32 Tender Street is in the centre, behind on the left Eddison Place is in view. This was a heavily industrialised area, the site of many clay pits and pottery workings, railway sidings, foundries and just across from Tender Street was John Fowler's steam engine works, the Airedale Foundry.
[internal reference; 2004123_54038638:WYAS Leathley Road, Box 356, no. 1]