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Aerial View looking East (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999. Looking towards East End Park, the image shows in the bottom left hand corner the junction of The Headrow and Park Row. The brown and white tower is Cavendish House, with Merton House on its right, both are on Albion Street. Behind these, in the distance are the 4 leaded domes of Kirkgate Market, behind that can be seen St. Saviour's Church and behind that an industrial works and chimneys. On the right is Leeds Parish Church and in the foreground is Gallery House on The Headrow, home of Templer bar.
[internal reference; 200325_79473514:MIL/37/27]
Aerial View looking South-West (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999 On the left, two of the Market's leaded domes are visible, as is the clock tower of Leeds Parish Church, Kirkgate. On the right, towering over its neighbours is West Riding House, while the bottom right hand corner reveals the building tops of Park Row including 15/16 Park Row, the award-winning glass fronted building and its neighbour, number 14, where a man is visible stood on the roof terrace.
[internal reference; 200325_33591860:MIL/37/10]
Aerial view of Leeds showing the City Station (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image17th September 1962. Aerial view over the city of Leeds showing Leeds City Station in the centre. To the left of it is the River Aire before it flows beneath the railway under the dark arches. In the bottom right-hand corner are the graving docks off the canal basin at Granary Wharf. The bridge over the canal at this point dates from 1841 and is situated at Office Lock next to the old Canal Office. Beyond where the canal and River Aire meet there is Victoria Bridge (right edge, centre) then following the bends of the river towards the top, Leeds Bridge is only just visible and in the top corner Crown Point Bridge can be seen clearly. Following the railway line from the top edge various landmarks can be seen. To the left at the top is the huge complex of Quarry Hill Flats, moving down there is Leeds Parish Church of St. Peter, then the dome of the Corn Exchange. To the left of the Corn Exchange is Kirkgate Market fronting Vicar Lane. To the right of the station is the former Tramways Depot on Swinegate. Below that, between Neville Street and the river, is the woollen mill at School Close which, in 1973, became the site of the Dragonara Hotel (now the Leeds Hilton). The line of light buildings across the top left-hand corner are on Eastgate and include Lewis's department store. They were part of Sir Reginald Blomfield's scheme of the 1930's. The grid pattern of streets comprising the city shopping areas can be seen including Vicar Lane, Briggate and Park Row. Wellington Street comes in from the bottom left-hand coner and following the line of it City Square is visible. At the bottom edge traffic is seen in Whitehall Road and the Whitehall Mills Complex.
[internal reference; 2009812_169341:D LIB Central (21)]
Aerial View, City Centre (City Centre)
Black & White image12th July 1933 View looks west along the Headrow from Appleyard of Leeds Ltd. on Eastgate Roundabout. Kirkgate Market visible to the left. Town Hall and Civic Hall can just be seen at top of picture. Old buildings on south side of Eastgate are still standing.
[internal reference; 3937:CLIB Central 138]
Aerial View, City Centre from Quarry Hill Flats to River Aire (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated, Aerial view from the early 1960s. The River Aire is in the top left corner of the photo, with Hunslet area in the top left corner. Just below the river is Leeds Parish Church. In the centre the roof of Kirkgate Market can be seen, then to the left the bus station. The roundabout is at the bottom of Eastgate. In the bottom left corner are Quarry Hill Flats, the semi circular block facing Eastgate was Oastler House.
[internal reference; 20031029_27637881:D LIB Central (18)]
Aerial View, East (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. In this image the roof of Headrow House has been used by the photographer as a platform. Just right of the roof exit can be seen Quarry Hill flats (1938) and Munro House with Mount St Mary's Church (1857) in the distance. On the right are the four leaded domes of the 1901 Kirkgate Market Hall with the Leeds Parish Church of St Peter (1841) behind. The roofs visible on the right of the image belong to buildings on Briggate including County Arcade (1900s) with the Mecca Locarno Ballroom and the Empire Theatre 1898.
[internal reference; 2003718_66384524:Leo 39, no. 4]
Aerial View, Kirkgate Market, Fire Damage (City Centre) (17 comments)
Black & White image14th December 1975 Aerial view looking across the destruction caused by a fire in Kirkgate Market, seen in the direction of the Eastgate roundabout. Around 4 acres of the site was destroyed in a blaze which took 110 fireman two hours to control. Most of the 1857 section of the market was destroyed although the 1904 frontage onto Vicar Lane was saved. This section, containing Butchers Row, seen to the left, reopened on Tuesday 16th December. Many of the other stalls found temporary locations in the Corn Exchange, and the George Street and Harewood Street Car Parks. A visit from Prince Charles on the 17th boosted the morale of stall holders hit by the fire.
[internal reference; 2003121_8202761:D LIHM Kirk (72)]
Aerial View, Looking towards Ferrybridge Power Station (City Centre)
Colour image1999 On the left of this view in the foreground are properties on Park Row. Moving back, two of the domes on Kirkgate Market are visible with the spire of the Parish Church to the right. The large white building with blue windows is Mount St Mary's High School with a recreation ground in front. St Saviour's Church is to the right. Ferrybridge Power Station is visible on the horizon.
[internal reference; 2003109_18061465:Millennium album 34]
Aerial View, Quarry Hill Flats (Quarry Hill) (17 comments)
Black & White image1965 View shows Quarry Hill Flats looking north. The layout of the blocks can be clearly seen with Moynihan and Lupton Houses running along the top edge of the site. The distinctive curve of Oastler House is also visible. On the bottom left of the view is Kirkgate Market, followed to the right by the Bus Station, then Marsh Lane and the railway line. Eastgate Roundabout is in front of Oastler House. Behind this, New York Street runs from left to right. Moving back, Regent Street runs towards the top edge branching into Sheepscar Street South and Roseville Road to form a 'Y' shape.
[internal reference; 20031021_96532840:D LIB Quarry (4)]
Aerial View, River Aire, Crown Point Bridge (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated The River Aire runs through the centre of this view from the bottom to top edges. In the bottom left corner, Kirkgate and Marsh Lane are visible with East Street running towards the top of the view and Crown Point Road running to the right, spanning the River via the Crown Point Bridge. Above the bridge is the Leeds Dam and the Aire and Calder Navigation. To the left the view looks across the Bank area towards Cross Green and Richmond Hill. A large recreation ground on Bow Street is also visible. Hunslet Lane and Hunslet Road can be seen towards the right where the view looks across the Clarence Dock area towards Holbeck.
[internal reference; 20031112_90084476:N LIB Aire 1]
Albion Place, aerial view (City Centre)
Colour image2000s. Aerial view looking east along Albion Place, taken from the car park at the top of West Riding House. In the bottom right corner is the former YMCA at the junction with Albion Street. The building with the spire on the left is the Church Institute, dating back to 1851, the ground floor of which is now occupied by La Senza. Pret-A-Manger is in the centre at the junction with Lands Lane. The white building behind this is Debenhams on Brigatte while the cupolas of Kirkgate Market are seen beyond. In the background on the left is Quarry House and in the centre the Etap Hotel and Gateway development.
[internal reference; 201221_173247:LEO 6501]
Albion Place, looking East (City Centre)
Colour imageMay 2005. View of Albion Place looking East towards Briggate. The pedestrianised street is busy with shoppers. On the right is All-Sports sports goods, followed by Pasta Romagna cafe, Wallace Arnold travel agents and Greggs' bakers. Past the junction with Briggate, the tower of Debenhams' Department Store can be seen, while in the distance Kirkgate Market is visible.
[internal reference; 2007717_164135:LEO 1915]
Albion Place, looking towards Briggate and King Edward Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour image18th March 1975. View shows a busy Albion Place looking east across Briggate towards King Edward Street. On the left are Hornes and Dunn & Co., both menswear shops. On the right is Bailey's, another menswear shop, then a vacant shop previously occupied by Marcus Price, also menswear. This is followed by Cyril Livingstone, ladieswear, P. Jones, china and glass, the Brook Street Bureau employment agency and Dolcis footwear. The elaborate towers of the listed buildings at either side of the entrance to King Edward Street are seen in the centre, while Kirkgate Market is further along on the right-hand side. Quarry Hill Flats, in the process of demolition, can just be glimpsed in the distance.
[internal reference; 20131028_174669:LEO 7306]
All Saints Parish Church, Kirkgate (Otley)
Black & White imagec Nov-Dec 1976. View of Otley Parish Church, dedicated to All Saints, situated on Kirkgate. The earliest parts of this church date back to the 11th or 12th century, though it has been much added to and altered over the years. The site has been used for a church since Saxon times, with Saxon crosses having been found here; it is believed the original church was built by Archbishop Paulinus in 627.
[internal reference; 2014129_174883:LEO 7426]
Architects Plan to Kirkgate market Hall (City Centre)
Black & White image1st October 1907. Architects plan of Kirkgate market hall showing longitudinal section - South to North.
[internal reference; 200266_51061648:C LIHM Kirk (47)]
Asda Stores Ltd, Killingbeck Drive off York Road (Killingbeck) (14 comments)
Colour image2000 The name Asda became recognised as a household name in Britain from 1965. It was a melting pot of several different companies, some developing over many years in the Leeds area. With the development of milk pasteurisation farmers formed co-ops to build processing units. Hindell's Dairy Farmers Ltd, was founded by Arthur Stockdale, a subsidiary, Craven Dairies Ltd, supplied milk to Leeds. Stockdale went onto form a partnership with Fred Zeigler, opening a pork products business at 118 Kirkgate. This was the basis of Farm Stores. The business expanded taking in other companies including Provincial Dairies of Leeds and Harrogate. At this stage the name changed to Associated Dairies Ltd. In the early 1960s brothers Peter and Fred Asquith has founded a supermarket in Castleford using innovative marketing strategies. The two companies were merged in May 1965 and Asda Stores Ltd was formed with Peter and Fred Asquith as joint managing directors. More recently it became part of the Wallmart group. In this image the purpose built Killingbeck branch of Asda stands in the background, with the busy car park in the foreground an indication of its success.
[internal reference; 2003919_27448672:MIL D/1 no. 9]
Baccara Florist, Kirkgate Market (City Centre)
Colour image2000, View showing Baccara Florist in Kirkgate indoor market.
[internal reference; 2002124_15108889:MIL 125]
Back Lane (Bank)
Black & White image1901. A long narrow lane, running from Kirkgate, parallel with Marsh Lane. It passed the back of the Old Red Bear Public House, the North Eastern Hotel, the George and Dragon Public House, and the Queen's Arms Public House. This view is looking north east.
[internal reference; 2002109_78857059:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 4, page 39 (LQ 331.833 L517)]
Beeston Road at the junction with Malvern Road nos. 60 - 70 (Beeston) (2 comments)
Black & White image10th July 1964, View of parade of shops and businesses in Beeston Road. From the left at numbers 70 and 68 is the Midland Bank, at number 66 is Forster & Colliers, Television Engineers, G Broadbent, Greengrocer at number 66a, Middleton & Hargreaves, Butchers occupying number 64 (who also had a stall in Butcher's Row in Kirkgate Market). At number 62 is White Rose Cleaners and at number 60 at the corner of Marquis Street is Gallons Ltd, Grocers.
[internal reference; 2003314_19189089:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 120]
Billiards Saloon, Mathias Robinson's (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageEarly 1900s. Image shows the billiard room that was located in the basement of the premises of Mathias Robinson on Kirkgate, who took over the building from the Buck Hotel in 1912. The 1910 Trade Directory lists " Central Smoking Cafe and Billiard Rooms" at no. 121 Briggate, where the access was through the Buck Hotel.
[internal reference; 2020211_177506:LEO 9828]