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Location - Leeds & District

Leek Terrace, nos. 18, 20 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image23rd June 1946, Two houses on Leek Terrace, number 20 is on the left, 18 on the right. Part of the notorious Hunslet Grange flats would be erected in this area after demolition of the old streets. The Hunslet Grange flats were built in the late 1960s, early 70s and within twenty years demolished. A major problem was damp and high cost of heating for tenants trying to combat the damp.
[internal reference; 2003226_65685672:WYAS Anchor Street. Box 5/1. No 154]
Powell Street, nos. 14 - 20, Leak Terrace no 1 (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image30th April 1964, Powell Street is on the left, the first house from the left is number 20, followed to the right by 18, 16 and 14, which is at the corner with Leak Terrace. Number 1 Leak Terrace can be seen behind the wall on the right.
[internal reference; 2003225_9875124:WYAS Anchor Street. Box 5/1. No 143]