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A Path in The Gorge, Roundhay Park, postcard (Roundhay)
Black & White imagec1907. Postcard with a postmark of 7th November 1907 entitled 'A Path in The Gorge, Roundhay Park'. This is a wooded area at the northerly end of the park through which runs the Great Heads Beck.
[internal reference; 201153_172099:Artemis Pack 34 (Roundhay Park-other) no.6]
Abbey House, road widening (Kirkstall)
Black & White image4th January 1927 Improvements were being carried out to paths and grounds of Abbey House, prior to being opened as a public museum in July 1927.
[internal reference; 2002515_66823977:C LIF Kirk (1)]
Adel Church (Adel)
Black & White imageJune 1967. Exterior front view of Adel Church showing path leading up to the porch with gravestones either side. The church was built between 1150 and 1160. The south porch was added 1160-1170 and remains one of the finest examples of Norman sculpture in England. The church is a Grade 1 listed building.
[internal reference; 9373:browsing neg no 572]
Adel Lane/Church Lane: The Rectory (Adel)
Black & White image5th April 1950. Photo shows the stone stables and pond in the grounds of Adel Rectory. The single and three storey stables stand in the field behind the pond. A path or road next to the pond leads to the rear of the 18th century rectory, mature trees fill the scene.
[internal reference; 3095:CLIE Adel Rectory 3]
Adel Lane/Church Lane: The Rectory (Adel)
Black & White image5th April 1950. View of the pond with ducks in, surrounded by grass land near the stone stable block in the rectory grounds. A tree lined path leads to the back of the rectory itself to the left.
[internal reference; 3096:CLIE Adel Rectory 4]