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Pottery Vale, flats (Hunslet)
Black & White image6th September 1974. View showing Pottery Vale flats on the right, with no. 6 on the ground floor. To the left is a derelict warehouse which faces onto Cariss Street.
[internal reference; 200898_167200:S LIE POTT 1]
Pottery Vale, Leek Street Flats (Hunslet Grange) (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Colour image1975 View of Leek Street flats (Hunslet Grange), Pottery Vale, facing east behind the Sun Public House. The flats were built to a height of six storeys with access to homes either upstairs or downstairs from the 2nd and 5th floor walkways. Note the balconies on the 3rd and 4th floors. The ground floor flats have outdoor space in the form of a small yard. There were areas of grass and trees and the outlook was pleasant but until Morrison's supermarket was built there were no shops. Small shops in the vicinity had been pulled down. Image and information courtesy of Steve Morrell.
[internal reference; 2007108_164879:LEO 2132]
Pottery Vale, Leek Street flats (Hunslet Grange) (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Black & White image1983 View of Leek Street flats, at they were known locally, officially named Hunslet Grange. They were built to great acclaim by Shepherd construcion in 1968 but developed problems such as condensation and damp. Draughts came through gaps in the pre- formed wall sections and the off-peak fan-storage heating was ineffectual in extreme cold weather. The problems led to higher than average fuel costs for tenants. Eventually, after only fifteen years the huge complex of 2,500 flats and maisonettes had to be demolished. This image was taken during demolition and shows Pottery Vale behind the Sun public house with rubble from Ledsham Dene in the foreground. Image and information courtesy of Steve Morrell.
[internal reference; 2007108_164880:LEO 2133]
Pottery Vale, Leek Street flats (Hunslet Grange) (Hunslet) (24 comments)
Colour image1973 View of Leek Street flats (Hunslet Grange) built in 1968 showing Pottery Vale facing west behind the Sun public house. The flats were six storeys in height with access from the 2nd and 5th floor walkways, where tenants either went downstairs or upstairs to their flats. The round columns are rubbish shutes. Little steel hatches were situated on the walkways for rubbish which then landed in bins in the bin house on the ground floor. Because of their grey stonework they were sometimes referred to them as 'Armley Jail' but they did have large window areas to let in light. At the Hunslet Road side of this big complex there was the Pioneer Public House and a few shops in the flats. Image and information courtesy of Steve Morrell.
[internal reference; 2007109_164889:LEO 2131]
Pottery Vale, Leek Street Flats (Hunslet Grange) (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1983. View shows Pottery Vale, part of the Hunslet Grange development, also known as Leek Street Flats. The 2,500 flats built in 1968 were arranged in blocks of six or seven storeys, with overhead walkways connecting the blocks. The exteriors were covered in pale grey pebbledashed concrete. Initially the flats were popular but soon problems with damp and condensation began to develop and the heating systems proved inadequate, so that by the 1980s tenants were calling for the flats to be demolished; this duly happened in 1983, shortly after the photo was taken.
[internal reference; 201351_174465:LEO 7110]