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Abbey Walk (Kirkstall) (6 comments)
Black & White image26th July 1950. king north-east to the junction of Spen Lane and Abbey Walk from the top of Abbey Walk. The photograph has the proposed widening painted onto it to show how it will look. The ivy covered house is the Lodge. The white rendered house on the far right is the end of a row of cottages known as Hark to Rover. To the far left, a stone wall with trees behind .
[internal reference; 8798:CLIC Abbey 38]
Abbey Walk (Kirkstall)
Black & White image26th July 1950. Junction with Spen Lane looking north-east, before widening. The tarmac road is edged with a cobbled section. A large stone wall is to the left of this, with trees behind. At the top of the hill on the right is an ivy covered detached house known as The Lodge. The white rendered house on the far right is the first of a row of cottages known as Hark To Rover. In front of these houses a hedge, wooden gates and a stone wall.
[internal reference; 8800:CLIC Abbey 37]
Ancaster Road (West Park)
Black & White image26th October 1954. Looking south east along Ancaster Road which is unmade and bordered by grass verges. White painted rendered houses of different designs can be seen in the background. Their gardens are contained by low brick walls with wooden gates. Streetlamps and a telegraph pole can also be seen.
[internal reference; 8575:CLIC Ancaster 1]
Artist Terrace (Wortley) (2 comments)
Black & White image1958 Properties on Artist Terrace, both odd and even numbered houses are in this view. On the left edge, set back from the street is part of number 17. The row continues in descending order to number 13 on the right. The road is unmade. In the background on the right edge, property on Fawcett Lane is visible. Included in slum clearance plans for the Lower Wortley area.
[internal reference; 2003521_9421938:WYAS Lower Wortley Road, Box 70/1, no. 10]
Balcombe Terrace, nos. 1 - 7 (Hunslet)
Black & White image11th March 1968, View of odd numbered houses on Balcombe Terrace. Back-to-back properties which run from 1 to 7 left to right. Seen from Low Road with Balcombe Grove on the left edge. Due for demolition as part of Hunslet slum clearance.
[internal reference; 2003425_30132693:WYAS Hunslet (Balcombe Street). Box No 54. No 5]
Barleycorn Yard nos. 1 - 5 (Armley)
Black & White image4th July 1960 View shows a row of properties on Barleycorn Yard looking onto the backs of properties on Armley Ridge Road. Both odd and even numbered houses can be seen, numbers run from 5 to 1, left to right although the doorway of number 1 is hidden on the left edge. These houses are due for demolition in line with citywide slum clearance plans.
[internal reference; 200373_61433047:WYAS Oban Street (Armley) Box 85, no. 10]
Camp Road nos. 84, 86 (Little London) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Photo taken in the mid to late 1950s prior to redevelopment of the area. Number 86 is the Alfred House, a pub serving Hammons beer. To the left was Alfred Terrace, Camp Street to the right. Next, 84b, 84 and 84a were three shops, 84a was S.A. Jacksons chemists shop. This was at the corner with Meanwood Street. The spire of St Matthews Church can be seen.
[internal reference; 200366_59058780:WYAS Meanwood Street, Box 72, no. 34]
Camp Road nos. 84a - 86, Meanwood Street nos. 1, 3 (Little London) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, To the left on Camp Road (called Oatland Lane at this time, now Lovell Park Road) is the Alfred House, number 86. Next Camp Street which is mostly demolished. Moving right, three shops 84b, 84 then 84a which is a large chemists. Business of S.A. Jackson, occupying the corner site with a window on Meanwood Street. Number 1 Meanwood Street is a Post Office and newsagents run by F and E Moorby, 3 on the right appears to be empty. The area where Camp Street had stood is visible across site of demolished property on Meanwood Street. Photo taken in the mid to late 1950s.
[internal reference; 200366_76690311:WYAS Meanwood Street, Box 72, no. 33]
Camp Street nos. 2 - 4 (Little London)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows a row of back-to-back terraced houses with the Alfred House pub just visible on the far left. A ginnel located between numbers 3 and 4 allows access to houses at the rear on Metz Place. On the right of the image are the derelict remains of shared outside toilets.
[internal reference; 2004226_88499087:LC/Eng. Blue Box 1. Box 305 No. 1]
Cardigan Lane, no16 (Burley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Even numbered houses on Cardigan Lane. Numbers run to the right in descending order from number 16 on the left. Properties went through to Allerton Street.
[internal reference; 200418_42023867:WYAS Kirkstall Road (St Matthias Street) Box 62, no. 15]
Cardigan Road (Headingley)
Black & White image14th January 1921. Red House, showing garden with greenhouse and cold frame.
[internal reference; 2002327_47236270:C LIE Red (17)]
Cardwell Street nos. 202 - 206 (Armley)
Black & White image1st September 1966 Even numbered houses on Cardwell Street which were the back entrances to properties on Tong Road. Numbers 202 to 206 can be seen in this view from left to right. These houses were included in slum clearance plans for Armley which meant that after the occupants had been rehoused, the buildings would be demolished.
[internal reference; 2003528_16813296:WYAS Tong Road (Main Road), Box 71, no. 45]
Castlerose Street nos. 1 - 9 (Wortley) (2 comments)
Black & White image1954 Odd numbered houses on Castlerose Street, numbers run from 1 to 9, left to right. Access to outside toilets and a recess for storing dustbins can be seen on the right. Included in the citywide slum clearance programme.
[internal reference; 2003519_8829897:WYAS Langham Street, Box 64, no. 77]
Copley Street (Wortley)
Black & White image28th May 1959 Odd numbered houses on Copley Street. Numbers run to the right in ascending order from number 7 on the left which is next to a small block of outside toilets to the rear of Crown Garage on Sutherland Street.
[internal reference; 2003922_43560427:WYAS Wellington Road Box, 119/1, no. 26]
Copley Street (Wortley) (8 comments)
Black & White image28th May 1959 Odd numbered houses on Copley Street, numbers run from the left in ascending order to number 31 on the right where a baby sits in a pram and a child rides a tricycle.
[internal reference; 2003922_92293948:WYAS Wellington Road Box, 119/1, no. 29]
Craven Road, nos. 10, 12 (Woodhouse)
Black & White image26th June 1963, Pair of cement rendered houses on Craven Road. Number 12 is to the left, 10 on the right.
[internal reference; 2003318_46282595:WYAS Craven Road. Box 38. No 76]
Detached House on the River Wharfe (Wetherby)
Colour image29th September 2004. Image shows a detached white rendered house with red roof tiles. It stands in an elevated position above the River Wharfe and has steep, terraced gardens with steps and sloping paths.
[internal reference; 20081016_167566:LEO 3461]
Ducie Street (Wortley)
Black & White image29th June 1961, Even numbered houses on Ducie Street with alternative entrances on Bruce Street, numbers run to the right in descending order from number 28 on the left. House have gardens on either side. Due for demolition and redevelopment as part of slum clearance plans.
[internal reference; 2003429_95986575:WYAS Holdforth Street. Box No 50/3. No 288]
Ebony Street (Hunslet)
Black & White imageUndated, Odd numbered houses on Ebony Street, numbers run to the right in ascending order from number 1 on the left. A girl and a boy play on the pavement. Between numbers 1 and 3 is a passageway with a datestone above it which states Stainsforth Court and a date which is unclear. Although marked on contempory maps as Stainsforth Court, an 1891 map of this area shows this as Stainsforth's Court. Leeds Directories of 1834 and 1837 list a John Stainsforth of Pottery Field working as a weaver and a butcher. This view dates from the 1950s prior to slum clearance.
[internal reference; 200373_81476993:WYAS Pottery Field, Box 93, no. 85]
Enfield Road (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Black & White image24rd February 1961 Back-to-back, odd numbered houses on Enfield Road, numbers run from the left in ascending order to number 13 on the right.
[internal reference; 2003327_9721011:WYAS(Enfield Road) Box 43, no.52]