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Location - Leeds & District

Gipsy Lane (Beeston)
Black & White image13th July 1950. View shows the Rex cinema on Gipsy Lane with the Ring Road going past the end of the road. A man can be seen on the right and shops are visible in the distance.
[internal reference; 5656:CLIC Gipsy 3]
Rex Cinema, Ring Road, Beeston (Beeston) (12 comments)
Black & White image11th May 1939 Newly opened in February 1939, this 1,350 seat cinema was situated off Dewsbury Road. This is the side view on Southleigh Crescent. It was closed in 1976 and site used for houses.
[internal reference; 2002820_20617312:C LIR RING (2)]
Rex Cinema, Ring Road, Beeston (Beeston) (36 comments)
Black & White image11th May 1939 This cinema was designed by AV Montague and built by Mathews and sons of Leeds. There was seating for 1,350 people. It opened on 13th February 1939 with the screening of 'We're going to be rich' starring Gracie Fields and Victor McLaglan. It closed in February 1976, the last films were 'Apple Dumpling Gang' and 'Sword in the Stone' The cinema was demolished for the building of a housing estate. In this front view the film advertised is 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
[internal reference; 2002820_48801821:C LIR RING (1)]
Southleigh Crescent (Beeston) (2 comments)
Black & White image20th July 1945. View looking east along Southleigh Crescent. The large, brick building in the foreground, is the side of the Rex cinema which fronts onto Gypsy Lane. Streetlamps and a child are visible in the background.
[internal reference; 5926:CLIC Southleigh 8]