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Location - Leeds & District

St. Michael's Church, looking west (Headingley)
Black & White imagec1950s. View looking west along St.Michael's Road from the war memorial, taken in the early 1950s. Shops on the right include Arthur C Rhodes, newsagent, the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd, and Ainsley's bakers, with a cafe further along. On the left is the junction with St.Michael's Lane, then hidden behind trees St.Michael's School.
[internal reference; 200827_166066:FRITH/Box2/H59/LDS 30]
St. Michael's Lane (Burley) (2 comments)
Black & White image11th July 1956. The junction of St.Michael's Lane and St.Anne's Drive on the southern approach to Headingley cricket and rugby grounds. On the left as an RAC sign directing people to car parks. There are advertisements for newspapers with test match reports and also for VP wine. A house on the left has a garden shed, and there are several trees and bushes.
[internal reference; 3471:CLIC St.Mich 4]
St. Michael's Lane (Headingley)
Black & White image11th July 1956. Gable end of house on St.Michael's Lane. Advertisements for various newspapers with particular reference to test match reports are hanging from the wall of the house and the fence in front. Two cars are parked on the road.
[internal reference; 3476:CLIC St.Mich 8]
St. Michael's Lane (Burley)
Black & White image27th August 1948. Looking south at the junction of St. Michael's Lane and Beechwood Crescent. Allotments can be seen between the two roads with houses in the background. There is a car on the road to the right.
[internal reference; 3479:CLIC St.Mich 10]
St. Michael's Lane, railway bridge (Headingley) (2 comments)
Black & White image11th July 1956. Looking south across a narrow bridge over the railway on St.Michael's Lane, on the southern approach to Headingley cricket and rugby grounds. A man and woman are walking in opposite directions across the bridge. There are houses on the far side of the bridge with a greenhouse in one garden. On the near side are high stone walls.
[internal reference; 3472:CLIC St. Mich 5]