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Location - Leeds & District

Lacy Street no.s 31-35, Stapleton Road no. 20 (Wortley) (2 comments)
Black & White image19th May 1961. Lacy Street runs from the left edge, numbers 31 to 35. Number 35 is also part of Stapleton Fruit Stores at number 20 Stapleton Road.
[internal reference; 200347_74712771:WYAS (Holdsforth Street) Box no.50/1, no. 70]
Oak Road (Wortley) (9 comments)
Black & White image18th May 1961. Properties on Oak Road, numbers run from the left in ascending order to number 59 on the right, which is Harry Cairn's general store. This is the junction with Stapleton Road.
[internal reference; 200344_62737674:WYAS (Holdsforth Street) Box no.50/1, no. 46]
Oak Road Congregational Chapel. (Wortley)
Black & White imageOak Road Congregational Chapel once stood at the junction of Oak Road and Stapleton Road.This is an early view showing crowds of people in front of the building.There are signs and placards but it is not possible to decipher them. The Chapel was built in 1876 at a cost of £7,000 to designs by architect, Mr.T.Ambler. In its heyday the chapel could accommodate a congregation of 900, and the school to the east of the building,built in 1866, catered for 450 children. In 1942 the chapel was demolished due to bomb damage and the site was still vacant shown on an O.S.map for 1952. Eventually, houses were built on the plot.
[internal reference; 2004129_55248660:leo 440]
Oak Road Congregational Chuch (Wortley)
Black & White image8th October 1941. At the junction of Oak Road and Stapleton Road, this church was built in 1875, it cost £7,000. The archiect was T.Ambler and Sons of Cookridge Street. There were seats for 900. In 1866 school was built with places for 450 pupils. In this view the church is derelict.
[internal reference; 200288_96761722:C LIJ Oak ( 1 )]
Oak Road Congregational Church (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image8th October 1941. View of bomb damaged church, which had been situated at the junction of Oak Road and Stapleton Road.
[internal reference; 200288_13354128:C LIJ Oak ( 4 )]